Discover the email capture forms that will make your visitors eager to sign up and grow your list fast.

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Discover the email capture forms that will make your visitors eager to sign up and grow your list fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Optinable

  • How to reset the plugin?

    Go to the plugin "setting", click the "rest" button and wipe all the data and reset settings. It will clear all submission, user data and campaign. 

  • Can I track the performance of my campaigns?

    Yes, OptinAble provides basic analytics and reporting features to help you track the performance of your campaigns. You can monitor key metrics such as impressions, engagement, and conversion rates to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

  • Can I integrate OptinAble with my email marketing platform?

    OptinAble collects the submissions and save into local DB. The admin can view the subscribers list and export it anytime. Right now, OptinAble's initial version does not support the integration with third-party like email marketing apps. But it will be added soon.

  • Can I target specific audience segments with my campaign?

    Yes, OptinAble offers advanced targeting options to help you reach specific audience segments. You can target visitors based on their referral source, query type, and more. This ensures that your campaign displayed to the right audience at the right time. 

  • Will OptinAble slow down my website?

    No, OptinAble is built with performance in mind. Our plugin is designed to have minimal impact on your website's loading speed and overall performance. We prioritize efficient code and optimize our features to ensure a smooth user experience for both website visitors and administrators.

  • Are there pre-designed templates available by OptinAble?

    Yes, OptinAble provides a wide range of professionally designed templates to kickstart your Popups, Slide-ins, Sticky-bars, and Embed campaign. Simply choose a template that suits your branding and customize it to match your website's aesthetic. You can easily modify the text, colors, images, and other elements to create a visually appealing and engaging campaign. 

  • How can I create a new campaign in OptinAble?

    To create a new campaign, simply navigate to the “Campaigns” section in the OptinAble dashboard. Click on the “Add New” button and follow the intuitive step-by-step process to customize your campaign design, set targeting options, and define display rules.