OptinAble is built for blog owners who want a simple yet complete solution for their online marketing strategy. This FREE WordPress plugin offers a great user experience with simple configuration and dozens of beautiful customizable templates.


Hi, I am Zeeshan Rasool, a Full Stack Developer and the founder of the OptinAble WordPress plugin. I have been actively involved in the blogging community and have been using WordPress since 2010.

Throughout my blogging journey, I have realized the importance of effective marketing tools in driving success for any online business. However, when it comes to WordPress bloggers and marketers, there seems to be a gap in the market. The existing options include SaaS-based solutions that claim to work on any website, as well as WordPress plugins.

While there are many SaaS solutions available, I found that they often come with a significant drawback – the never-ending recurring payments. As a blogger and small business owner myself, I understand the financial constraints that many of us face. These recurring fees can quickly add up and become a burden, especially for those starting out or operating on a tight budget.

If we come to the WordPress plugins, I have used some and found that most of the plugins lack the crucial element of user experience. Few may offer a wide range of features, but often at the cost of complex setups and limited customization options. This can lead to a frustrating user journey and ultimately hinder the growth and success of your online business.

That is why I decided to create OptinAble – a WordPress plugin specifically designed to cater to the needs of small bloggers and marketers. OptinAble combines the power of a feature-rich marketing tool with the simplicity that WordPress users deserve. With OptinAble, you can enhance your website’s conversion rate, collect valuable leads, and engage with your audience seamlessly, all within the familiar WordPress environment.

I am committed to providing an exceptional user experience with OptinAble. My goal is to empower bloggers and marketers with a tool that not only delivers outstanding results but also ensures ease of use, flexibility and is FREE to use. Together, let’s take your WordPress website to new heights of success with OptinAble.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Best regards,

Zeeshan Rasool
Founder: OptinAble | CodeLeftover