Built-in Templates

Built-in Templates

Want to create your campaign in a few simple steps? Start with OptinAble which offers you multiple built-in customizable templates that make your work easier and give a way to achieve your business desired goals.


Every business wants to increase their user engagement, lead generation and improve their sales, all is done by creating effective pop-up, sticky bar, embeds and slide-in campaigns. Download OptinAble and get free pre-design templates of different campaigns which are easily customizable by using drag-and-drop builder.


Built-in templates for pop-ups

Boost your conversion rate with built in templates of OptinAble. Stop losing your potential customers and grab their attention with effective content and compelling design of pop-ups offered by OptinAble. 

Pick a template and start your campaign in a few steps to achieve your target. 

Multiple Sticky bars templates

Fix your sticky bar at the top or bottom of the web page to convey your message to the user easily.

Choose an appropriate sticky bar template from our collection to tailor your message to the visitor in an efficient way. 

Stickybar Optinable

Slide in templates for different scenario

When it comes to user engagement and make high generation leads then get free slide in templates for every scenario to achieve desired results. 

These slide in templates used for different scenario, such as:

-> Newsletter subscription

-> Product promotion

-> Display offers

-> Increase social media engagement

Attractive embeds templates

Leverage the power of embeds with compelling design and concise content. 

Save your time and effort by using professionally designed embeds templates which are easy to use to make your campaign successful. 

Make your process easier and efficient

Start your campaign in a few clicks and go live. Simply customize your templates as you need and make your designing process easier. 

Pre-Design structure saves time

Pre-design layout of OptinAble saves your of time to make this process from scratch.

Pre design structure helps you to get:

->User attention

->Enhance user engagement

->Better user experience

Professionally design templates grab user’s attention

Every business wants to increase their user engagement, lead generation and improve their sales. Achieve your target with OptinAble free pre-build templates.