Campaign Targeting

Campaign Targeting

OptinAble offers campaign targeting with a wide range of customization elements in builder to make your campaign successful. Stop annoying your visitor with irrelevant content, target your audience according to their preference and interest for better user experience. 



Generating page specific campaigns to target the right customer at the right time leads you to make conversion, generate more leads and make more sales. OptinAble campaign targeting feature allows you to run targeted promotion on specific pages that optimize high conversion for your business website. 

Set your targeted campaign according to the visitor’s behavior like displaying a specific pop-up or slide in when users go to the product page. This approach increases the user engagement and enhances the conversion rate. 

Page Targeting

Page level targeting approach allows you to display your campaign on specific pages like a pop-up with free shipping offer display to the visitor when they go to the product page. 

Page level targeting increases the user engagement and enhances your conversion rate. 

page targeting

Post Targeting

Utilize OptinAble post targeting feature to target specific posts on your website instead of displaying campaigns all over your website. Effectively manage your campaign by showing relevant content on specific posts to enhance the effectiveness of your message.

Category Targeting

Build a campaign to target a specific category increase the chances of capturing user attention. For example offering discounts on specific groups of products or services.

Category campaign targeting allows you to target your audience according to their interest, preference and behavior. 

category targeting

Campaign Target with Referral Identification

Build Referral identification campaign with OptinAble to run a campaign of special offers or promotion to the visitor who access your website through specific referral source. 

Campaign Target with URL Query Detection

Detect the query in the URL of the visitor’s website from which they are coming with, run a specific campaign to engage users and make conversion based on their browsing behavior. 

Tailor your message and promotion by using different campaigns to grab user attention visiting from specific URL. 

query detection