Slide In Box

Slide-In Box

The movement and appearance behavior of slide-in campaign make it effective for every scenario to reach the desired destination. 

Slide-in campaign is suitable for any kind of promotions , announcements , subscriptions, display offers and increase user engagement. 

Slide-in templates for different scenario

Utilize the OptinAble’s free pre-designed templates to make your campaign successful. Get all the benefits of slide-in by using professionally designed templates and fully loaded drag-drop builder to make eye-catching design of your campaign. 

Capture High Rate of Lead Conversion

Slide-in campaign of OptinAble have potential to grab visitor attention because of it’s visibility behavior. The appearance of slide-in capture user attention that helps to improve your lead generation. 

Strategic Placement

OptinAble maximize the visibility of slide-in campaign by positioning to display into the view from different edges of the screen such as top, bottom, left or right. This feature of slide-in campaign allows you to place the campaign strategically that make it’s visibility attractive.