Top 28+ Growth Hacking Tools for Exponential Success

Growth hacking can be defined as a technique of making a business organization grow in terms of clients, sales, and profits within the shortest time possible without requiring a lot of resources.

Due to this, there are some handy business growth tools, and determining which one is ideal may sometimes be challenging.

For that reason, in this post, I have compiled a list of essential growth hacking tools to help your business expand.

Still, confused about what growth hacking is all and why you should incorporate this strategy in your marketing plan? Then read this article: The Ultimate Guide to Growth Hacking for Exponential Success.

For clarity, I have split it into mirrors according to the stages of business funneling.

The usual business marketing funnel ranges from the company’s ability to create awareness among customers to the instances where a customer refers others to a particular product or uses a specific service. This is also known as a growth hacking funnel, and here’s what each stage of the funnel looks like:

  • Awareness
  • Acquisition
  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Revenue
  • Referral

Here, you will find the list of 28 plus growth hacking tools that can quickly bring your business to the next level with less investment.

Top Growth Hacking Tools to Boost Brand Awareness

Building the brand involves tools and ideas that can assist the company in getting to a potential client. In this section, I will discuss eight essential marketing tools to help reach your brand’s target customers.

1. Semrush


It is outlined that Semrush is one of the most effective tools that can be helpful in the sphere of keyword research to increase the level of SEO on the website. Well, when your site ranks on search engines, more people looking for your brand will encounter your website.

The list can be obtained using Semrush, which provides a total rating of all keywords your competitor uses and the traffic that comes to your website after using such keywords.

There are many ways to use Semrush to improve your website’s visibility. Still, I’ll talk about two easy ways to make the most of the platform:

Find out more about the Site Audit tool and use it to assess the condition of your website quickly and perhaps identify factors that may be leading to customer discouragement.

As a method of identifying the terms your competitors currently rank for, use the Organic Research tool. You should work on your content and align it with the research findings to attract more traffic to your site.

There are other cool features that Semrush provides to help you enhance your on-page SEO, determine content tactics, and shape your link-building plan. The platform provides detailed information on website traffic, ad CPC, domain contrast, backlinks, and keyword competitiveness.


Semrush is one company that provides a free trial period with a 7-day allowance. Forecasted feature availability can be divided into free and paid plans starting at $129. 95 a month.

2. Quora


There is another source that can tell what your customers are looking for so you can offer them an answer – and this is Quora.

If you want to stay updated with what’s new within your field of trade, subscribing to that specific will alert you whenever someone asks a new question. Others can add replies that will provide helpful results to Quora users, who will be incentivized to check out your profile links and return to your website.

Another way to utilize Quora involves filtering through the most popular questions within the fields of your focus. Next, you may frame further questions you need to address to build an organic content marketing strategy, and then you can create blog posts in response to these questions.



3. Reddit


Reddit, which could be called ‘the front page of the internet,’ has sections of interests and discussions for all. That alone is not hyperbole; Reddit has 2. Currently, the place comprises approximately eight million subreddits.

That makes Reddit one of the top growth marketing platforms for discovering and engaging with your target customer base without paying for leads.

For instance, Slidebean promoted its blog by sharing it with people interested in relevant topics, and the platform put it in front of thousands of potential customers. This pitch deck design company mentioned Reddit as one of the primary sources.

If you post the right keywords within the articles that you share on Reddit or comment on the articles hosted in subreddits, you may be able to get traffic from Reddit to your website. That is possible because the threads on Reddit can make it to the list of results when a particular search is conducted on Google.



Growth Hacking Tools for Customer Acquisition

Therefore, some of the best growth hack strategies revolve around reaching first-time customers. Here are the gears that I suggest to be used for the acquisition stage of the growth hacking funnel:

4. OptinAble Exit-Intent

OptinAble Exit Intent

It is probably worth noting that OptinAble offers many options that suggest considering this tool for growth hack marketing.

Among them, the most helpful for customer acquisition is our Offerwall and our patent-pending technology called Exit-Intent Technology. Exit-Intent is notified when users start browsing the page, allowing you to catch their attention with a special offer, message, or lead.

Consequently, you may incorporate Exit-Intent into OptinAble’s unique Page-Level Targeting system to deliver highly personal, relevant campaigns that reflect the visitors’ interests.

One of the abilities provided by page-level targeting is the creation of unique offers according to an individual site visitor’s actions or preferences. For example, you can write an article titled “How to create an email marketing strategy,” and at the end of the piece, offer a link to an email course for interested readers.

Targeted campaigns are perhaps some of the most efficient and beneficial means of advertising. Kennedy Blue is a perfect example of what Exit-Intent popups can do: boost your sales by 10% at least!

OptinAble Exit Intent Popup

Evaluating OptinAble as a growth marketing tool for gaining new customers, it can be mentioned that due to the offered integrations with the most popular email service providers, CRM applications, and other services for eCommerce businesses, the tool can be somewhat effective.



5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Email marketing is good for lead nurturing and conversion; the results show it is effective. While researching this article, I discovered Constant Contact, another great growth hacking software.

It also has helpful and easy-to-use features, especially for starters, compared to leading services like Mailchimp.

But what makes Constant Contact stand out is its many online training tutorials, an incredible archive of materials, and one-on-one webinars. They are also good with support, which includes email, live chat, and a community of users is also present.

Another feature of Constant Contact is capturing leads through forms or pop-ups that can be brought to your landing pages. It even has a WordPress plugin to let you create and automate all your mailings from your website administration panel.


Constant Contact’s subject price starts from $12 per month.

6. WPForms


WPForms is a unique form builder tool designed to support the addition of powerful yet straightforward lead generation forms on WordPress sites. This means you can choose from a pool of 1400+ templates and have the perfect form embedded on your site within just a few clicks.

Sign-up forms are not yet considered outmoded or ineffective; on the contrary, they are still effective and dependable tools for lead generation.

Here’s a quick overview of the features that WPForms offers to help you acquire more customers:

The leading site can use a drag-and-drop builder to create lead-generation forms.

Intelligent conditional dependencies will assist you in creating effective web forms with the highest conversion rate.

The Usabilla User Journey add-on is added to understand better what your customers do on your website and improve their conversion.

Tagging is an option for abandonment, added-add-on collection of partial leads, and following the prospects up.


WPForms comes with a single-site license for $49 and a lifetime license that costs $199 for extended features. 50/month onwards.

7. Beacon


A lead magnet on your website is one way to ensure that you get more leads online. It allows you to do exactly that and much more, making Beacon one of the best platforms for getting your message out to the masses.

Beacon offers three products to help you acquire more customers:

It’s an online tool that will help you design your lead magnet as an ebook, checklist, or workbook without spending a lot on hiring a professional designer.

Lead Capture Forms are where it is possible to create incredibly customizable lead-generation forms on your traffic’s favourite pages.

Free trial resources for lead generation are available, and they can be used as a library of gated content with no formal setup needed.

The Lead Magnet Creator has been designed to come with its drag-and-drop builder, with more than 12 templates already created.

The Lead Capture Forms also sort Beacon’s content for the customers and provide you with the conversion rates on the dashboard.

You can build the library of lead magnet content using the Free Resource Library within 23 seconds.


Thus, the pricing strategy adopted by Beacon is entirely free for a basic plan without any time limitation. Its basic package with some features is $19/month.

8. Manychat


Loans, credits, and consumer products are also available through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. However, responding to leads across these platforms may sometimes be tiresome.

If you wish to track all the queries they hit you with through these social media platforms, there’s not better platform more effective than ManyChat.

All the channels mentioned above can be integrated with Manychat. It allows you to build bots that operate round the clock and keep communicating with the prospects regardless of when it is your working or ‘non-working’ day.

Automated bots whereby you can handle customer services and clinch business deals even offline. For example, Facebook Messenger marketing assists in sending relevant content to customers, providing them with continuous customer support and lead generation in the background with no human intervention.

Account creation is relatively easy. Most people like me do not understand complicated code, so ManyChat has eliminated it with a drag-and-drop interface. After you define the bots that will work in the system, it will ensure that leads are not lost.


The primary tool for working with Manychat is free of charge. It also offers a simple pricing scheme, with its most basic plan costing 15 dollars per month.

Growth Hacking Tools for Customer Activation

The tools within this section are part of the growth hacking tools that seek to gain customers to use a particular product. Of course, the email mentioned above marketing tools can also meet the goal mentioned above if an effective marketing campaign is being run.

Of course, the tools described above can be helpful and are designed to get leads to start using your product as paying customers.

09. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

To that end, knowing what drives success for current customers is critical when you want to engage your newer customers more. Google Analytics is one of the standard tools that help analyze customers’ journeys to optimize the onboarding process results.

Google Analytics gives information on customers and their activity, sales, and prospects to stimulate more sales. For instance, it also assists one in the following ways: – It enlightens on the user flow in a detailed manner – It reveals the issues that dissuade visitors from converting –Then it directs on how to solve the broken links.

Which kind of traffic goes to your website based on the dimension you select, for example, traffic source, campaign, or browsers?

In addition, it serves as a comparative measure of the number of page views about the total number of pages viewed or about specific sets of pages and subpages.



10. Userlane


Userlane is similar to the navigation system of a car. As the name suggests, Userlane is a tool that helps customers understand how to work on the software you have offered them so that they can start getting the desired results.

About Userlane: Userlane is used to develop other onboarding tools that enable one to have check marks appearing every time a user completes a step. This is beneficial in engaging users more, regaining their attention in subsequent sessions, and even providing a more intuitive user experience.

All inexperienced players can benefit from the lesson: gamification is one of the most effective forms of the growth hack.


Unfortunately, Userlane has not shared its pricing plans on its website, and it only allows its clients to try using it for an unspecified number of days.

More information on the company’s subscription models or the option to try the tool for free requires contacting Userlane customer success.

11. YouTube


Some marketers do not consider YouTube a growth hack tactic because of its popularity and association with the most-used video-sharing site.

However, if you wish for customers to use your product, you must demonstrate how to go about it. What type of communication is perfect for their first acquaintance with your product?

According to research:

  • Conventional online marketing on YouTube shows that only 12% of people exposed to the ads make a purchase.
  • A guide to the Rio Olympics that was added to the main page of this site boosted the conversion rate by 86% when a video clip was included.
  • Thus, most users value YouTube video ads, as 70% admit that these advertisements help identify new businesses.

Thus, there is no reason for you not to incorporate video into your online marketing strategy because YouTube is free. The idea is sound when you want your customer to get familiar with the product: Include YouTube links in your onboarding sequence.

Should you publish videos, then YouTube Analytics enables you to monitor the performance of your videos, determine trends in audience preferences, and explore potential new ideas for your following videos.


Again, the best thing about YouTube is that it is free to upload and manage videos but to advertise on YouTube, you will need to put down your money to Google Ads.

12. Userflow


Userflow is a no-code tool that enables user guides, onboarding, in-app help, green screens, and templates in a single app. The options of the onboarding flow contain every step within the onboarding process, which can be individually adapted to be a modal, a tooltip, or a speech bubble.

The Userflow allows adding links, images, videos, or user attributes in its drag-and-drop designer. From them, it also enables you to create your own Resource Center accessible for users directly from within the app or webpage.

And the best part? You could control and evaluate the onboarding rate of each campaign to enhance the onboarding rate.


Userflow offers a starting price of $240 per month for their services. ;100 It provides a 14-day free trial for two paid plans.

Growth Hacking Tools for Retaining Customers

Customer attrition, therefore, stands out as a controlling factor for most business organizations. It means that, although churn is inevitable, you can reduce it and ensure that you retain as many customers as possible. The following tools are thus useful in achieving this next set of growth hacking techniques that will be discussed.

13. Lyssna


Do you know if your site design is informing the customers need to know? Lyssna is another device that can be tested for free if you want to review its features.

When you register an account, you are given an option to upload a web page design. The testers, the people Lyssna enrols and pays to test sites from the user viewpoint, will look at the ad for 5 seconds and be asked what they recall. This feedback can help you accurately counter your page design to enhance messaging about the product and customer retention.


Apparently, Lyssna has the option of a free app, but no references are given on how much each premium feature costs. Here is a closer look at its paid features and pricing: The paid version of Blind starts at $75 monthly.

14. Kissmetrics


It is another visual web analytics tool that focuses on the events on the website and helps to understand why customers decide not to return. In the context of Kissmetrics, an event is an activity someone performs on your website or inside your application, including log-in, purchase, and Newsletter subscription.

The tool provides popular features, such as a cohort report that displays information about the users who accomplish events defined by a project, such as creating a profile picture. Another of the functionalities, the activity report, will provide you with an understanding of which features are active or inactive among the numerous customers.

This information can benefit your product, customer success, and marketing organizations by identifying issues in the early stages and reducing customer loss.


It comes with a free and fixed plan that only costs $25. 99/month. However, there is also the possibility of paying as you go, where the company levies a fee according to the number of events you want to arrange.

15. OptinMonster


Using OptinMonster, you can engage in a split test right from the dashboard to compare the performance of your marketing messages. Eczema Company could also use OptinMonster for A/B testing to improve conversion growth, which amounted to 158%.

It is simple to make a copy of a campaign, and it thus only takes a minute, or two at most, to set up an A/B test.

OptinMonster targeted email campaigns also feature built-in conversion tracking for all your campaigns. One way you can use that data is to see which one serves the purpose of getting you the leads and sales and then make that your main campaign.


This is the annual pricing for OptinMonster, starting from $9/month onwards.

16. HubSpot


The following is the game plan to implement the objective of insisting on customer retention. The idea is to build a better bond with the customers. Meet HubSpot, such products and plans are available in this company, which can help with initial and continued development. These include:

  • This concerns CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that should be tied to the e-mail provider to improve contacts.
  • Lead management tools might also incorporate lead analytics depending on the nature of sales.
  • Examples include up-and-coming lead sources, e-mail communications and tracking software, appointments, meetings, and report generation tools.
  • Marketing automation to plan and build your campaigns, automate tasks using bots with ease by scaling digital marketing.

HubSpot’s CRM tools aim to provide all the functionalities you require for your business to grow without splashing hard-earned cash in costly suits like the salesforce. Using the aforementioned themes, the following points highlight how the HubSpot customer relationship management tool can be effectively utilized for paid products when your business is ready to move to the next level.


HubSpot provides a 30-day trial subscription and a free CRM with basic functionalities. Basic subscriptions with limited capability can be procured for free, but paid subscriptions begin at $18 monthly.

17. Groove


It is a single center’s best helpdesk software for customer support activities. With Groove, you get 3 powerful features:

  1. A multiple message moderation panel for support representatives to reply to questions from users sent through email or the Stripe and/or Facebook platforms.
  2. Knowledge Base to create content for the support library, enhance customer satisfaction, and decrease the load on the support service.
  3. Live Chat to engage customers with customer service and to follow up on more detailed Emails regardless of whether they leave.

For example, Groove provides statistics and customer support metrics for evaluating the performance of the supporting team and addressing the existing loophole in service provision. Integrating with Gmail and Slack ensures you are always notified immediately and reply to the customer.

The tool is also useful in the aspect of customer retention, meaning increasing the quantity of permanent clients.

Groove is affordable, and this is the right strategy for a company with a limited budget, given that most startups operating in the modern world lack the capital that would allow them to implement all the strategies and plans they have in mind.


It has a simple and clear interface Groove can cost from $4. 80/month. For the client’s benefit, it has a 7-day free trial and backs its services on three plans.

18. Baremetrics


Baremetrics is a subscription analytics tool that lets you measure a handful of metrics, such as:

  • Today, focusing on the effectiveness of free trials in your marketing communications is relevant.
  • Good or Bad, you are more than your competitor or the industry average.
  • Insights about cancellations.

Trials are categorized into New Trials for the number of trials on your product after first signing up for the Free Trial plan and Active Trials for the number of users who remain subscribed after the Free Trial period.

It is possible to create a daily, weekly, or monthly report to be sent directly to Slack or your email so that you can address those issues that lead to churn.


Baremetrics has different packages depending on the modules: metrics, recovery, cancellation insights, and forecast. The most affordable pricing tier that it offers is $58 a month.

Baremetrics also provides a free trial period for the users, which lasts for 14 days only.

Growth Hacking Tools for Boosting Revenue

Finally, the objective of every growth hack test is to increase sales, whether directly or indirectly. In this article, you will learn about the 4 tools that help you reveal the opportunities to generate more revenues.

19. Zoom


Do you realize that one of the best practices in demand generation is webinars, where the close rate of qualified leads gets second place with a rate of 73%? Offering your goods and services online to deliver new and continuing seminars to existing or potential consumers is one way of increasing your potential revenues.

Although there are a number of free and paid webinars enabling tools, I would suggest using Zoom. This free tool allows up to 100 participants to converse for up to 40 minutes. You may also record a webinar in Zoom and use it as a lead generation tool or a lead magnet for use at some other time.


It has a free account throughout forever. It offers the basic plan for $159, with the other plans’ prices varying according to the size of a team or business. 90/month.

20. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a heatmap visual tool that helps you identify locations within your site that attract the most attention and little or no attention.

The tool that the program suggests reveals areas that customers click on frequently, such as hot, ranging from yellow to orange, while those that customers rarely interact with are cooler, ranging from blue to green.

It can assist you with flow adjustments to your landing page or make particular modifications within the campaigns, including changing the color of the CTA button to improve performance.

For instance, with the help of the Crazy Egg Scrollmap report, you might learn that many prospects go to the customer testimonials section of your homepage. Probably so: testimonials improve conversions by up to 34%.

As stated above, you can use the above finding and incorporate either search results or any form of social proof deemed appropriate on the pricing page to enhance the conversion rate.


For instance, Crazy Egg provides users with three months free of charge in return for their commitment for 30 days. Starting with a $49 monthly subscription fee for Paid features.

21. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Many marketers utilize it to write articles in social media promotional strategies to create awareness for their companies or seek new connections. However, most growth teams consider LinkedIn the primary social media for finding potential clients and planning a successful sales approach.

LinkedIn will also provide precise social selling tools like the Sales Navigator to help the marketing and selling teams.

Sales Navigator is an extension tool that operates more efficiently in the existing sales solution and provides advanced search criteria, suggested leads, and recommendations to make the proper contacts with the desired purchasers.


what is the price of Sales Navigator on its website? Since LinkedIn is not publicizing the price of Sales Navigator on their website. Sales Navigator is accessible for $99/ month, as JB Jezequel mentioned. Headers: To summarize, utilizing LinkedIn is free only if you are a basic user, but you can try Sales Navigator for 30 days.

Growth Hacking Tools for Getting Customer Referrals

A Nielsen study shows that word-of-mouth referrals are the most credible since 92% of buyers rely on referrals and are 4 times more likely to buy referred items. Referrals are also cheaper than other customer acquisition methods to sell or obtain customers.

Such makes referral marketing a must-do for business as it helps expand the business. Below is a list of tools that will guide you in increasing growth with the help of referrals.

22. FindEmails


People who follow your business or blog may become potential buyers – now you can find out where their email addresses are. I can assure you that you will get a huge percentage of the emails of the prospects that you want to connect to.

The tool enables you to search for people and quickly discover their verified email addresses so that you can get in touch with them in their inbox.

Grab. EU is a perfect tool for grabbing required emails from potential customers in particular industries, even if you do not know the organization’s domain. You can use this information to engage potential customers and others for your sales outreach and referral marketing.


The existence of FindEmails was discovered in our research, having a monthly subscription price of $29.

23. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is very useful for tracking the levels of activity picked up by your or your competitors’ brands, products, interests, and topics.

Ket lorsque vous pouvez l’utiliser pour surveiller les appels dialectaux de votre marque, vos concurrents et les informations de votre secteur. When using BuzzSumo, you can optimize your marketing strategies according to what is currently trending.

Furthermore, you can use BuzzSumo to find influencers who share similar content. It allows you to narrow down creators and insightful people within your particular industry with an excited and active community on social media.

It used to be that influencer marketing platforms were simply a way for brands to find people to work with, yet BuzzSumo offers a range of features to build the program and collaborate with creators to advance company goals via social media referrals.


It is imperative to note that BuzzSumo has numerous features, with the basic package being offered at $199/month.

24. Trackdesk


This is one of the most effective methods for retailing products or services because you can have other companies act as a referral for your business.

If an organization is already operating an affiliate program or preparing to introduce one, Trackdesk is the most effective tool. It’s one of the best affiliate management platforms that lets you do the following:

  • Develop processes for tracking and reimbursing commission payments to affiliate partners.
  • This means that the firm should design and manage special campaigns for the selected affiliates.
  • Fraud Detection to protect your website against fake visits.

As you pointed out, trackdesk has other tools like affiliate management for effective sales and reaching out to new customers in your affiliate marketing program.


A free version of trackdesk has limited features, with the number of affiliates limited to 10, click-throughs-500, and conversions per month / year-50. For the paid plans, the prices begin from $67 on a monthly basis.

25. Aklamio


Aklamio is an application that enables customer incentives that help in enhancing the word-of-mouth marketing communication platform.

Using Aklamio, creating incentives and tracking referrals for your client base to spread the word about your company and its services is easy and possible. This makes it possible for the referring person to receive some reward or cash for every purchase the buyer makes through the given channel.

As for Aklamio, it seems to have the following benefits: The three. You can use it to:

  • But how about focusing on the already existing and willing market? Make your existing customers happy.
  • Expand your customer base.
  • Increase revenue.


Aklamio does not have a set amount of fees readily available to the public as it is a reference service. So you can only find its price after scheduling the demo.

26. SparkLoop


Currently, email marketing return on investment (ROI) is among the best, with $36 made for every dollar spent on email. And there’s no better way to create revenue from mail than a newsletter.

SparkLoop is an effortless and effective way to grow your email list using a newsletter referral system. This tool helps you expand your list to offer existing subscribers special incentives to forward your newsletter.

Regarding each subscriber, SparkLoop creates a special referral link that helps people invite the members to become the users of your newsletter. You can also offer the newsletter as an advertorial; that is, you can have a sponsor contribute to your newsletter so that every time the sponsor’s ad appears, he or she is paid a few cents extra.


SparkLoop costs $2000/year.

Bonus Growth Hacking Tools

Below are 3 more you can use to advance your growth hacking efforts or experiments.

27. Zapier


Zapier is an application that helps users include other applications so they interlink and function as a single application. It helps you preserve time so that you do not have to expend much effort in some activities.

For applications that lack native Zapier integration, you can use API connections to initiate or receive data connection between two applications. It supports over 6,000+ apps with integrations and is undoubtedly one of the best online automation platforms.


Regarding paid plans, Zapier has a basic price of $29. 99/month. It also provides a basic version of the tool without cost.

28. Fiverr


Although it’s called a tool, Fiverr is more of a place where you can access many sellers and buy services from them. They are places where people of all levels of specialists can be accessed at an affordable cost.

From the platform, you can view the experts and determine who are among the best persons to turn to should you want to boost your business.

Fiverr is also a go-to platform for those needing to hire freelancers to write and edit blogs, videos, podcasts, e-books, or any other marketing content the company might have in mind.


Pricing of Fiverr Unlike many online businesses, Fiverr doesn’t operate under a conventional price structure for the business. This is because this platform removes a percentage from the prevailing rate offered to freelancers.

29. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

A key approach to using social media is to join the customer where he is. This is why, with more than 3 and a half billion users, Facebook reaches around a quarter of the population across the world. With 1 point 03 billion monthly active users, this is definitely a good place to begin.

That’s where the company’s messaging platform, Facebook Messenger, helps you access potential customers who are frequently on Facebook. Scheduled to be launched soon, Messenger allows users to reach customers using smartphones and respond to these in their free time.

As of 2021, Messenger has around 931 million active users on a monthly basis and covers 28% of all non-gay users of mobile phones in terms of messaging applications. As you’ve heard earlier, bots can prove to be a useful tool for keeping the connection with customers active all the time.


Indeed, the core idea of Facebook Messenger is its free-of-charge services. You can also seek lots of 3rd-party Messenger bots to develop and employ.

Use Growth Hacking Tools to Unlock Hidden Possibilities

With these tools, it is possible to advance through all marketing funnel stages if they are used as intended.

In light of this, growth hacking means focusing on generating new ideas at a very high rate and then implementing the best ideas to enhance growth rates.

It’s okay if they’re not perfect about that, and don’t always come up with a better way to use the tools you have in your marketing stack for each experiment.

How Growth Hacking Differs from Traditional Marketing

In this case, we must identify that traditional marketing and growth hacking serve different purposes.

The common goal of conventional marketing is normally to build or enhance consumer familiarity with the product/service. The companies always pay attention to the customers and their experience during the consuming process. Typically, traditional marketing involves:

  • In some cases, the budgets are fixed and usually are big, and the time interval for big campaigns is limited.
  • Through the off-line media and traditional marketing techniques like newspaper, radio, or Television advertisements
  • Tracking so-called ‘vanity’ metrics where a firm has, for instance, lots of followers on Instagram

Growth hacking is the process of innovating and optimizing the way of attaining the users/customers and increasing users /customer base and customer loyalty.

Here, there is much more emphasis on the product-market fit, and the objective is simply to scale as quickly as possible. Typically, growth marketing involves:

  • Inexpensive, innovative ways, implemented via the web
  • Performing many trials and trios together with collecting large amounts of data for analysis.
  • Analytics/tracking and ongoing process of improving the elements that are successful while eliminating the strategies that do not yield results

Of course, there is an overlap between the typical marketers’ perspective and the growth hackers’ perspective. Perhaps, both can employ integrated marketing communication, such as social media ads, influencer marketing, or content marketing.