OptinAble vs Popupsmart: Which is the Best Popup Plugin?

OptinAble is considered one of the top popup platforms, while Popupsmart is a good one. Hatch has noticeable attributes for building and selling an email list, whereas Cheep is equally endowed with key features for the same important processes.

But which is the best tool you need to use to start planning to scale your business?

To better understand OptinAble and Popupsmart, let us compare them in various aspects and try to identify which one is superior to any.

Before we compare them directly, perhaps, it will be helpful if we get a better insight into the products in question.

We’ll start with Popupsmart.

What is Popupsmart?


As can be understood from the name, Popupsmart is a tool designed to boost business conversions by using popups and forms. It includes the simple-to-use popup creator, which lets you create popups easily, a lightbox, Sidebar, Floating bar, and screen Campaign

With the styling setting, you can look into the typographical facet’s color and font. Then, you may specify further targeting rules & conditions under which the pop-ups will be displayed on your website.

The notification popups are fully responsive and friendly to all devices, such as desktops and mobiles. It also includes selecting whether or not the created popups must be displayed on different devices.

One good thing about Popupsmart is that it is very user-friendly and can be quite helpful for people new to using pop-up plugins for their websites.

Now that you know the Popupsmart plugin, it is time to get acquainted with its worthy opposite, OptinAble.

What is OptinAble?

OptinAble WordPress Plugin

OptinAble is the most popular lead generation plugin tool that helps you design top-notch popups, slide-in boxes, sticky bars, and embeds.

These campaigns help you get more email subscribers, which means getting more leads and converting them into paying customers.

OptinAble’s tools can optimize the number of clicks and conversions to help your business grow.

According to OptinAble, you do not need to be a programmer to create any campaign you want because the drag-and-drop builder would enable you to create it in minutes. You also benefit from over 100 templates we prepared in advance, the experts.

In constructing these templates, one can set targeting rules to show the advertisement to the right audience at the right time and geographic location.

This way, you are on the safe side, and you are sure that you are getting enough leads for business development.

Now that we’ve given you brief previews of each plugin let’s go into depth about the OptinAble vs Popupsmart face-off.

OptinAble vs Popupsmart Review

As part of today’s OptinAble vs Popupsmart comparison, we will determine which tool has the advanced options. Here are the specific categories in which we’ll compare both the plugins today:

  • Ease of use
  • Campaign Types
  • Triggers and Targeting
  • Pricing

So let us proceed with the comparison that we have outlined.

1. Ease of use

Any method of lead-generation that you employ must have an easy-to-use interface.

In terms of the interface, both OptinAble and Popupsmart are quite friendly, with clear controls for managing the popups and subscriptions, which means you can use these applications even without coding experience.

As for the structure of the Popupsmart page, let’s begin with Popupsmart first.

Open the website’s dashboard and look for the button to create a new popup. Here, you can even give the name of the campaign & get to the popup builder dashboard step.

Popupsmart Popup

As illustrated in the video clip, building and setting up your campaign in this program will take four steps.

First, one should select a theme they want and then decide on the type of popup they want to use. However, it’s often limited to four types: light-box popup, full-screen popup, sidebar popup, and floating bar popup.

After that, we can manage the color, fonts, and typography using the Customize option at the bottom.

In the third step of their solution, they provide a choice for the targeting rules and triggers that include the scroll percentage and exit intent.

The last operation is the one that releases the campaign on the web and checks the correct insertion of the website link into the PPA campaign.

Understanding the OptinAble process Now that you are familiar with Popupsmart’s steps, it is time to consider OptinAble.

OptinAble’s Choose a Template

The first step begins by choosing your business enterprise’s lead generation campaigning type. OptinAble has several types of campaigns than Popupsmart that are as follows;

Both products come equipped with light boxes, floating bars, sidebars, and embeds; nevertheless, OptinAble also has slide-ins, a stick bar, and an embedded-in feature.

In the next step, you will receive ready-made templates created by OptinAble to enable easy customization of various marketing campaigns. You can use these templates mostly as they are to minimize the changes required or alternatively give them a personal touch.

The block editor of OptinAble is quite intuitive and has a drag-and-drop interface, so it only takes a few minutes to add blocks and make well-designed popups.

Suppose you want to achieve the highest amount of conversions with your newly designed template. In that case, you can use many more targeting rules of OptinAble, like the targeting of different levels of pages, user engagement or activity, exit intention, and many more.

Subsequently, there is the step where you combine the template and the preferred email marketing application. Popupsmart offers only 15+ marketing integrations, while OptinAble offers closer to 30+, including Mailchimp, Drip, MailerLite, etc. Basically, OptinAble integrates well with all the different email marketing software platforms available out there.

OptinAble Integration

Combined with actions, that will help you build high-converting campaigns that can scale your lead generation process.

2. Campaign Types

Ideally, one of the reasons for choosing the best lead generation plugin should be the availability of different and versatile tools for creating campaigns.

And if you do a popup, for example, the one that randomly appears more than once, you can annoy the visitors. Therefore, instead of getting potential leads, a website visitor dies.

OptinAble has way more campaign types available, for example:

  • Lightbox popups
  • Slide-in box
  • Sticky bar
  • Embed
Campaign Types

Most of its parts allow you to create several campaigns for the same audience showing the difference between form and popup kinds.

The visitors will not feel annoyed if you have put a permanent subscription form on the sidebar or an inline form inserted within the posts.

It is recommended not to rely on pop-unders for your campaign overly; You can try or experiment with other forms of campaign types out there that provide the biggest conversion traffic.

OptinAble is most certainly a winner and has everything that one could want with campaigns of different sorts.

3. Triggers and Targeting

The final and yet most crucial step after designing pretty templates is to present them to the right people at the right time.

That is possible when you’ve changed possessing targeting rules and event triggers.

The targeting rules offered by Popupsmart include after Scroll, Device, HTML, User Inactivity, Exit Intent, and several others.

These options are useful if you are starting your site, but owners of well-established sites searching for ways to grow their business need stronger tools.

Now, it is high time we examined how it is to be seen in OptinAble, to unveil its value.

OptinAble provides many more targeting rules and triggers to help you achieve the highest possible conversion and enhanced sales.

OptinAble Triggers and Targeting

In this way, OptinAble assists you in converting more than any other lead generation plugin out there.

4. Pricing

A plugin tool’s fifth and final aspect is price; therefore, it is advisable to consider this factor before concluding the purchase.

If you are talking of a plugin tool such as lead generation, then you should spend less and let the software recover its investment from the profits gained from the generated leads.

Popupsmart Price

The basic plan of Popupsmart Price starts from $39/month, allowing you to create as many popups as you need. Meanwhile, they also offer a free version, so you can use their tool, especially if your website has fewer page views.

If the website receives more page views, possibly, it is possible to take advantage of the purchase of one of the offers – the Pro plan for $99/month or the expert plan for $159/month.

In contrast, OptinAble is free of charge, and users can use it without necessarily paying for it.

OptinAble is free, and you get the best features you don’t get in the Popupsmart Popup plugin.

However, it is true that Popupsmart provides a free plan option for websites with low traffic, but it makes the most crucial features inaccessible in the free version.

And that, folks, is all I have for today’s post.

Thus, we have tried to compare OptinAble vs Popupsmart to understand which popup plugin is right for your website.

OptinAble is the clear winner in the lead generation plugin for WordPress.