10 Best WordPress Popup Plugins To Boost Conversions

WordPress popup plugin could also assist you in increasing your email list subscribers, your website’s revenue, and most importantly, your e-commerce store conversion rate.

The problem begins with the fact that so many WordPress popup plugins are available that it can become overwhelming when it is time to select the ideal one.

So, in this blog, I have looked into the details of the most popular plugins available to make your choice of the best WordPress popup plugin that fits you much easier.

Before we get into the best WordPress popup plugin, here is why your site needs a WordPress popup plugin.

Benefits of using a WordPress popup plugin

Here are some compelling reasons to integrate a WordPress popup plugin into your site:

  • Increase Email Subscribers: The main form of call-to-action, usually implemented through popups, is asking people to sign up for newsletters or mailing lists. Popup subscription calls, when they come and when they are designed, can increase your subscription rate.
  • Promote Special Offers: If you are having a special offer, such as a sale or promotion, or are engaged in some other event, a popup is a good way to guarantee that your visitors will know about it.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment: For sites operating in the e-commerce field, popups may present discounts or other particular offers just when a user intends to leave the site without making the purchase, thus minimizing the churning rate.
  • Improve User Engagement: Popups can be utilized to inform visitors of some of the most popular posts, products, or services, which helps to draw their attention to specific sections of the site and engage their time with the site.
  • Gather Feedback: With the help of pop-ups, you can ask visitors any questions or provide feedback you may need for your website.
  • Targeted Messaging: Using modern popup plugins, you can address users based on their activities, geographic location, or other factors so the message conveyed to the audience will be appropriate.
  • Easy Integration: Most WordPress popup plugins are compatible with other applications or services, such as email marketing services, to simplify the management of the campaign and its analytics.

A WordPress plugin is not just designed to create flashy pop-ups; it is a tool to capture the audience’s attention, attract them to engage with your page more, and help you achieve specific objectives on your site.

Best WordPress Popup Plugin

You have learned about using WordPress popup plugins, but it is time to discuss the ovation ones.

1. OptinAble

OptinAble WordPress Plugin

OptinAble is the most recommended WordPress popup plugin to make getting more leads from the WP site a piece of cake easily. Using the designated popup builder that uses drag and drop functionality; one can design popups that are very captivating and help turn visitors into subscribers.

Using OptinAble, you will get popup templates to work with, including over 100 beautiful ones. The good news is that the popup you design will be mobile responsive; your site visitor may use his/her personal computer, tablet, or any other portable and touch screen gadgets to access your website’s web pages. However, the good thing is that OptinAble integrates perfectly with WordPress.

It seems that OptinAble is one of the best tools for Leadpages because it has dozens of options to target the user to show the right message at the right time. For instance, you can use a popup form with information about lead magnets on blog traffic when the site visitor reads a post about yours related to blog traffic.

That is why over 1 million sites use OptinAble to grow the number of leads today.

Here is what sets it apart from other WordPress popup plugins:

  • Advanced targeting: Provide personalized campaigns in aspects such as the site visitor’s geographical location, the source through which they arrived at your site, and many other features.
  • Campaign triggers: Preprogram campaigns should appear within the correct behavior demonstrated by your site visitor, such as the exit intent.
  • Beautiful pre-built templates: choose from beautifully crafted designs
  • Analytics and testing: find out which campaigns perform the best in metatags
  • Multiple campaign types: select the campaign from available ones such as lightbox popup, slide-in box, etc.

These features are so powerful that Adam Enfroy, the owner of AdamEnfroy.com, found out that his own business had already implemented some .com, and he could use them to boost his list by 3000+ per month with his existing traffic. Adam also mentioned how simple OptinAble was in connecting with his WordPress site, which is one of the things that he raved about.

Adam also used OptinAble’s feature to make this WordPress popup appear on click.

This campaign converted at 58%. This can easily be attributed to the ads’ engaging images and catchy slogans. 02% rate.

This is why leads generated from OptinAble convert more simply because the campaigns are highly targeted. This means that people who are getting added to your mailing list are the most active visitors.

And, my, the best part is that you can build targeted, lovely campaigns in mere minutes!

2. Hello Bar

Hello Bar

Here are some options for a basic pop-up plugin for your WordPress website.

This app has a free version and a paid version, Hello Bar. Actual functionality was discovered to be more in the paid edition, with the free version only being useful for pointing to a basic WordPress popup. You could not be wrong when subscribing or using this popup as in the editor; it is very simple.

Please ensure that you upgrade to access their targeting services on the platform. However, getting your ad to target by device is possible even in the free plan.

3. Popup Maker

Popup Maker

Another WordPress popup plugin that lots of users like is Popup Maker.

The only feature of this plugin is that it makes it possible to build popups for email optin forms and content upgrades. The Popup Maker also has a theme option where you can change the color and other things like the popup font.

The free version comes with several useful features:

  • Some of the many campaigns include features such as slide-in popups and sticky bars.
  • Some simple targeting methods are like only showing Ads on particular web pages and posts.
  • Flexibility for easy modification in the popup additionally, the size and color of the popup can easily be adjusted.
  • Some depictions that are as follows act as triggers, like displaying after a given period.

In addition, you can create a WordPress popup when you click on it, even with the free plugin.

4. HubSpot


Hubspot is the creator of well-known CRM software and has developed a free WordPress popup plugin for your website.

You can use different popups, like drop-down banners and slide-in boxes. The popups are also quite simple to work with; it is possible without coding, so one can decide how they look and to whom they will be shown.

After filling out the popup form, it becomes easy to pass the client’s information to the inbuilt CRM system. This means that the recipients of the emails are easy to organize, whether you are creating a list of contacts, creating a mailing list for follow-up emails, or even making follow-up emails.

5. Popup Builder

Popup Builder

Popup Builder is a responsive WordPress plugin that creates popups.

Configuring and then adjusting the popup to your audience and preferences is possible. For instance, the popup is only shown when the person scrolls down to the end of the webpage or scrolls down to the middle part of the page.

WordPress pop-up on click is also supported by Settings. You’ll have to upgrade to use more complex options, for instance, inserting a video or displaying exit popups.

6. Elementor’s Popup Builder

Elementor’s Popup Builder

Popup Builder is a WordPress solution that is a paid and freemium plugin.

First, I would like to inform you that the free version of the plugin is sufficient if you only want a straightforward and mobile-friendly popup. This will give you permission to access the HTML-based drag-and-drop facility, where you can select among the provided templates.

With the premium version, you can access the following:

  • Several popup designs
  • An array of how the targeting rules work, such as the ability to show on particular pages or posts.
  • Premium audiences, such as exit intent as well as scroll lock

When used as a standalone tool, it’s excellent for designing specific pop-ups, though more expensive than OptinAble.

These agreements include the consequential free technical support rounded off a one-year warranty.

7. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a conversion optimization tool for WordPress that supports various campaigns and templates.

Like other tools in the list above, Thrive Leads features a drag-and-drop interface for changes to be made seamlessly.

Other features include:

  • For instance, specific targeting can be used to display the popup on one page or in one post.
  • How it has been applied/enhanced: Sophisticated A/B testing to determine the most effective messages
  • Responsive mobile-friendly designs

And more.

Like Elementor, the support plan is only free for the first subscription year.

8. Bloom


Bloom is the WordPress popup plugin that can be purchased from Elegant Themes.

It’s straightforward to use. Also, it will be flexible to use the popup as you wish, and you can even modify aspects such as the background color of the popup, the color of the form, and the images you want to include, among other things.

Its features include:

  • Fires when a reader scrolls to the bottom of any given post or page
  • Placements after someone has pulled a comment on a blog
  • Floor promotions occur once a person has purchased a particular product or has subscribed to a particular service.

First, as with most of the other good WordPress popup plugins, Bloom is responsive, as it should be.

9. Icegram


Designing and implementing WordPress popups using Icegram is hassle-free and straightforward.

There is a list of c will lightbox and sticky bar campaigns. You will also be able to target visitors according to their geographical location and activity on the site.

However, as was mentioned, Icegram has fewer templates than other WordPress popup plugins listed above.

10. OptiMonk


With OptinMonk, you can create pop-up adverts to garner subscribers from your WordPress blog.

It allows you to update specific fields in your templates via a visual editor based on drag and drop. From there, you can hit the text tab to change the default text, the color tab to change the text colors, or the layout to change the layout of your ink.

You can also have different campaigns, such as the embed popup.

Optimal targeting is possible by using OptiMonk, which allows creation of popups showing campaigns according to the referral source and the history of the visitor’s actions on the site. You will also get insights regarding analytics and the specific messages that make the most conversions.

There you have it. That’s it; here are the best wordpress popup plugins you can use.

How To Choose a WordPress Popup Plugin?

When you’re searching for the best WordPress popup plugin, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  1. Template Quality: Evaluate if the plugin supports various templates that are mobile-friendly, visually appealing, and can be edited conveniently. You also require a plugin with multiple designs and a convenient drag-and-drop editor to create an appealing popup.
  2. Targeting & Triggers: Ensure the plugin includes options for targeting specific individuals or setting up triggers to ensure the correct message reaches the intended audience at the proper time. Instead, that can drive your prospects away instead of guiding them to the right action or making it easier for them to engage with you.
  3. Integration & Compatibility: A good plugin should easily integrate with your favorite email marketing service provider in the first basic feature. In addition, it should integrate seamlessly with a vast array of plugins and themes available on WordPress.
  4. Performance: Selecting a WordPress popup plugin that has deep conversion capabilities without a lot of negative effects on the site is crucial. Another factor is the actual performance, which is a big drawback as, depending on the specific WordPress popup plugin, the site performance may be significantly lowered, thus resulting in decreased SEO rankings.
  5. Hosting Environment Compatibility: Lastly, care must be taken to ensure that the popup plugin for WordPress selected can be integrated seamlessly with the WordPress hosting environment. Poorly coded popup plugins can often be incompatible with some of the latest caching solutions, which hosters attract now.

When searching for a suitable popup plugin to install for your WordPress-based website, you should consider the factors highlighted above to arrive at the right decision.

Choosing the right WordPress popup plugins could be tricky, as, more often, popup tools, which are designed poorly, destroy the whole experience and negatively affect your brand.