20+ Conversion Rate Optimization Tools That Pros Can’t Ignore

Conversions are the equivalent of blood for websites, which is necessary to ensure their survival.

Each conversion relates to direct or future revenue; thus, the better proportions depict a thousand bucks you make.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

One of the terms you may need an explanation of is conversion rate, which is the percentage of visitors that become customers. For anyone running a business, a high ecommerce conversion rate means you can convince your audience to patronize your business.

A low ecommerce conversion rate implies that people aren’t systematically getting the business’s value proposition. This may be occasioned by the duration it takes to download your ecommerce site’s pages, design, and copy.

The formula that can be used to determine the conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors multiplied by 100.

Perhaps you are reading this urgently and need to increase your conversion rates. Here is the list of conversion rate optimization tools that will let you accomplish this job without any hassle.

1. OptinAble

OptinAble WordPress Plugin

If there is a tool that I would consider to be almost perfect for helping in increasing the conversion rate, that tool would be OptinAble. It allows you to increase leads and conversions exponentially with the help of stylized optin promotions for your website.

The platform allows users to get a drag-and-drop builder to generate lead-generation forms with excellent graphic designs to attract more clients and get the highest conversion rates. Secondly, installing OptinAble on your site is easy; installing it isn’t even a headache.

OptinAble has over 50 stunning templates for your campaigns that are predesigned for 6 different styles of campaigns, including lightbox popups, sticky bars, slide-in boxes, embedded forms, and many others.

But as everyone knows, you can’t just have some beautiful popup and turn visitors into customers. They require identifying the right people who need to be reached out at the right time with the right message.

Among various themes, OptinAble has the best and most powerful targeting features to help you accomplish this. Target specific pages at the page level set individual display rules, and apply dynamic text replacement for even more customization.

2. ExactMetrics


ExactMetrics is another great tool that is compatible with Google Analytics. It enables WP site owners to tap into the power of the web analytics service to make better decisions regarding their sites’ further development.

In addition to this, using ExactMetrics will give you a better insight into your audience, and you can also monitor the form conversion data for your WordPress dashboard.

3. MonsterInsights


For any WordPress site owner, MonsterInsights is the top-rated and recommended analytics plugin to provide you with all the details to increase your conversions more confidently.

MonsterInsights enables the simple application of Google Analytics in a WordPress site and allows direct access to other analytics data in the WordPress admin panel.

In under 5 minutes of filling in information and features, a person can establish complex tracking mechanisms that will assist in decision-making concerning the site.

More crucially, with the Google Optimize integration, you can create and execute A/B split testing on your site without coding.

4. Omnicovert


Omniconvert is an analytical tool that helps conduct behavioral market research; it tracks the actions of visitors on your site.

5. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides nearly all the information anyone would ever need on the visitors to his or her websites. Plus, there is no cost for using it, and it provides the best solution to any given problem.

6. Owler


So, it helps you know all the details about your competitors with the Owler. It explores competitor clients profoundly and can scrape offline data as well.

7. SimilarWeb


It also enables you to perform competitive analysis research using data from SimilarWeb. From the statistical tests page, get insight into your competitors and tactics for excelling on your website.

8. Woopra


Customer activity is monitored at both a general level and a personal level if the customer chooses to make themselves recognizable; Woopra provides insight into the mind of the customer who is perusing and interacting with your site.

9. SurveyMonkey


SurveyMonkey is one of the best tools for any business person to gather client information. You only require asking them the right questions.

10. AB Tasty

AB Tasty

As the name might suggest, AB Tasty is among the best among the numerous apps dedicated to AB and multivariate testing.

11. User Testing

User Testing

User Testing has a set of different services that allow you to test the site after your users’ behavior and the changes beginning with.

12. CrazyEgg


Being a heat-map application, CrazyEgg is perfect for a visual display of your users’ overall actions and focus, thus, making it a good candidate for AB testing. It is also one of the most widely recognized heat map tools available on the web.

13. MouseFlow


MouseFlow is another representative of tools similar to CrazyEgg, which records user sessions with heatmaps, funnels, etc. Among other features of MouseFlow, it is possible to identify analytics such as heatmaps, funnels, etc.

14. Loop11


Apart from ordinary click, type, and scroll tests, Loop11 is a company that conducts remote tests to assess your site’s performance while away from it.

15. Content square


The user behavior app known as Cicktale is Contentsquare and is designed to provide users with insight into their behavior, requirements, and purpose within an interaction procedure.

16. LuckyOrange


If you are searching for a tool that can give you more insights on why your users do not complete the contact forms, then LuckyOrange is just what you need. Some user interactions can be logged and captured automatically for your review later.

17. PTEngine


When combined with heat maps, general site statistics become immensely useful when utilized through the PTEngine as the tool helps you better identify various paths of users’ behavior.

18. UsabilityHub


Based on your needs as you try to make improvements and get much higher conversion rates, UsabilityHub offers various tests to conduct, namely the question tests (like the survey); the 5-second test; the click test; and the navigation test.

19. Matomo


The Matomo is absolutely free and open-source, and it handovers the master key and customizations to you.

You can build the most basic and most specific reports, alter them to your preference, and be able to share them with others, and even provide information that could be incorporated into the software for assistance from the community.

20. ChartBeat


ChartBeat is a set of solutions enabling you to create, capture, and capitalize on your guests’ attendance.

21. GoSquared


Therefore, GoSolo can distinguish itself from other reporting solutions by providing metrics and updates in real-time. It can deliver real-time information on the composition and actions of web traffic as it traverses your spheres of web presence.

22. Zuko


Sampo is a more generic analytics tool than Zuko, as the latter focuses particularly on the behavior of users in relation to checkout and inquiry forms. Conversely, it is ideal if your conversion rates are based on the forms.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a fundamental approach businesses cannot ignore when approaching the enhancement of results in digital marketing. Specifically, for email marketing popups, CRO can deliver substantial advantages:

Increased Subscriber Lists

Of all the noticeable advantages of CRO for email marketing popups, the first and probably the most obvious is the size of your subscriber base.

Therefore, improvements made to the design of popups, the timing of where they are shown, and what the message says will increase the number of visitors that will ultimately subscribe. In other words, the effective variations could be used to increase the number of people who subscribe significantly.

Higher Engagement Rates

CRO helps minimize popups’ impact on Website visitors and make popups that customers see as relevant and persuasive as possible.

This relevance increases the chances that the visitor will interact with the message, perhaps through subscribing to a newsletter, viewing a white paper, or responding to a call to take up an offer. Finally, it leads to increased engagement and a more attentive audience since people willingly pay attention to it.

Improved User Experience

Best-converting popups are also the ones that made the overall consumers’ experience better. While poor pop-ups disrupt and interrupt the flow, annoying or irrelevant popups disrupt the user flow, and good popups enrich the user flow by offering interactions that would otherwise not be provided.

This has several benefits, such as helping drive lower bounce rates, encouraging users to return multiple times, and ensuring they feel positive about the brand.

Better Data Collection and Insights

When properly implemented, email popups are gold when it comes to the collection of data. Therefore, businesses can accumulate important details about visitors and their preferences or demeanor through unique and specific marketing.

Their significant role is to help hone ad plans, devise improved subsequent advertising, and promote better other means of communicating with your public.

Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

Since your email popups’ overall effectiveness and efficiency can be addressed through CRO, the return on investment can also be maximized.

Therefore, every visitor who becomes a convert through the optimized popup constitutes a higher ROI. As a result of this, proper optimization must not be overlooked in your business marketing plan.