12+ Website Popup Ideas to Increase Your Conversion Rates

When you visit OptinAble, the website popup is our bread and butter. We have been in the business for over a decade, helping companies acquire more leads and, in turn, close more deals.

Our software allows you to use a lightbox pop-up, sticky bar, slide-in bar, and more. Meanwhile, we offer dozens of templates, so using our popup designs will take no more than several minutes.

With all this experience, we can tell you, dear reader, what makes a good popup. We can also point to why they do so.

Unfortunately, I won’t delve into the way website popups work and how they can be used by your business in this article. Next, I will illustrate eleven website popups and explain what you can derive from each.

What Are Website Popups?

A popup is a window that appears over your website content to grab the user’s attention swiftly.

Popups usually include a call to action (CTA) that asks visitors to perform an easy task, such as:

  • Subscribing to the list of regular updates
  • Redeeming a coupon code
  • Seeing recommended material, such as related articles or products, contain
  • Taking a pass or subscribing to a webinar or demo

You must apply popups cautiously because they interfere with a visitor’s surfing, negatively influencing UX.

Why Should You Use Popups on Your Site?

Pop-ups are not always negative; they become an innovative component of your online marketing mix when deployed appropriately.

With OptinAble, you can utilize highly effective targeting and triggering, which can help you show a specific message to the right audience at the right moment.

Furthermore, the American Bird Conservancy expanded its leads by 1000% through customized OptinAble pop-ups. They achieved this by using A/B testing of the popup: they presented the different popups to distinct website visitors.

ABC employs the strategy of page-level targeting, which is aimed at showing different popup messages depending on what each user wants to read or watch online. It allows them to display more relevant offers and CTAs to each user during his stay at the site.

In other words, you should use your popups to illustrate to your visitors the offers and the messages they want to be willing to see.

It simply means if you do that, then rather than degrading UX, those popups on your website will improve it. And you will be shocked to find your conversion rates going up.

12 Brilliant Popup Examples to Improve Your Website’s Performance

Think about pop-ups, which have been used for years as one of website owners’ primary methods to attract visitors’ attention, boost conversion rates, and enhance the site’s effectiveness.

Yet, not every popup is the same; Accessibility First popups are the best in the business. As with any form of advertising, good and bad, doing popups effectively lets you get the most out of the method of advertising on the website.

The material of this article will focus on 12 great popup examples that have been used and have been known to show positive results on the websites. From lead generation to sales, these popups can be said to have been crafted meticulously for strategic placements with various specific aims and objectives in mind.

1. HelloFresh‘s Cart Abandonment Popup

Goal: It cancels a product order in progress that has been left incomplete and then enables the recovery of the cart.

Target: Moving to the second type of guests, those who have started developing a meal plan

Here is another example of the exit popup that the meal delivery service HelloFresh created. This popup is triggered when these 2 actions happen:

  1. A user has added some of their own meals into the application
  2. When the HelloFresh app decides they are ready to make the next step and leave the website without purchasing anything

HelloFresh understands exit popups are among the most effective tactics for recovering carts. OptinAble works well with various platforms such as WooCommerce, and BigCommerce, making it possible to target the eCommerce popups accurately.

2. OptinAble‘s Special Offer Exit Popup

OptinAble‘s Special Offer Exit Popup

Goal: Land a sale

Target: People who are in the middle of being involved with the plan and are willing to have a deal Ultimately.

OptinAble primarily focuses on creating popups for its clients to gain their attention towards its products or services. Well, at least using this expertise on our company’s website was pretty useful! Let’s look at 1 of our popup triggers:

A website visitor has also been through the ‘Pricing’ page and has chosen a plan they wish to use. If they start to navigate away from this page before checking all items out, they will be greeted by this popup with a 10% off.

To achieve this, we have our award-winning technology known as Exit-Intent technology. No one likes to be interrupted, but our software allows one to set your exit popup before the user leaves your website.

Exit popups are not only a great way to alert customers, but they’re also an excellent chance to provide them with a coupon or a discount code. However, they decided to make a minor adjustment by adding a little feature, which, when you are in between whether to purchase the product or not, a lower price always wins the deal.

3. Joann’s Coupon Popup

Joann’s Coupon Popup

Goal: Offer a contest to obtain people’s email addresses and gain more customers.

Target: People leaving their site or baiting for other visitors

Here is another example of an exit popup I found on Joann’s site, a well-known retailer of fabrics and crafting supplies. Joann provides a coupon as the lead magnet to further entice the customer. In other words, for the visitors to receive the coupon code, they are supposed to provide their details for the organization’s email marketing list. This type of popup has short-term and long-term benefits:

  1. Short-term: The coupon makes exiting visitors buy an item immediately; since Joann has managed to grab a good coupon, she can make a sale.
  2. Long-term: Joann increases the circulation of their emails, and those marketing communications are sent to more cantidad of people. This means they will have more time to advertise their products and win future sales to their competitors.

4. American Bird Conservancy‘s Pledge Popup

American Bird Conservancy‘s Pledge Popup

Goal: Lead generation

Target: People browsing their web pages on the time are friendly and how to domesticate cats

Previously, we showed you that the American Bird Conservancy (ABC)  attributed a boost in lead generation by 1000% to using OptinAble. This is one of the targeted popups they used to do exactly that – to draw attention to the EU’s commitment to maintaining the environment.

The above link takes the reader to the ABC website, where, specifically, there are articles that aim at informing the public that pet cats should be kept indoors. This popup was only for those users who interacted with those FourSquare pages. Users who engaged with the CTA button labeling ‘I Want to Protect Cats & Birds!’ were redirected to a landing page. There, they could find out more information and join campaigns such as signing a pledge that they will confine their cats indoors.

5. OptinAble’s Slide In Box Lead Magnet Popup

OptinAble’s Slide In Box Lead Magnet Popup

Goal: Lead generation

Target: This can be people actively consuming content similar to the content in the lead magnet.

In the previous section, we talked about promo codes as lead magnets. Here’s an example of one of our own popups here at OptinAble, where we promote an extensive guide in PDF provided that the visitor subscribes to our mailing list. In fact, this pop-up is part of a strategy we use throughout our site, specifically our blog:

  • We offer full-length leak guides, reference lists, and ebooks of other relevant material regarding the product.
  • We provide users with these lead magnets as pop-ups for targeted blog posts.

Those users interested in reading articles that highlight and discuss email marketing have already demonstrated a certain level of interest. By giving them a lead magnet that is relevant to their interest, those visitors will be taken further down our funnel.

This is also an example of what is known as the Slide In Box OptinAble campaign. Application bars and slide-in popups are good for focusing your users’ attention on your best offers.

6. Olyplant‘s Popup to Reduce Bounce Rate

Olyplant‘s Popup to Reduce Bounce Rate

Goal: Ensure that any visitors to the site stay and benefit from the SEO strategies that have been put in place.

Target: This is understood by the Google web visitors who found their page through a Google search.

Olyphant used 3 OptinAble Display Rules to determine who would see this popup and when:

  • Page-Level Targeting: This popup only came on when they went through a tutorial on planting strawberries.
  • Referrer Detection: In the middle of the page, only the message was displayed to the readers who entered the site through the Google search engine.
  • Scroll Distance: The popup that appears when the scroll bar reaches 50% of that of the visiting page

Olyplant chose these targeting and triggering settings with 1 goal to help its users and guests stay on its website using organic traffic.

7. Best Buy’s Feedback Popup

Best Buy’s Feedback Popup

Goal: Find out what users say about the website or Web 2. 0 application.

Target: Website visitors and party-time consumers

If you wish to make your website experience as user-friendly as possible, you must gather customer feedback. Best Buy, an Electronics store located at 200-beta Euper Rd, Salem, utilizes a popup that asks the visitors to take a survey.

The example of the popup used here is very plain and understated, corresponding to the overall layout of the Best Buy Company’s website.

8. Kennedy Blue‘s Shopping Cart Feedback Popup

Kennedy Blue‘s Shopping Cart Feedback Popup

Goal: There are many reasons why visitors leave their carts behind when browsing websites.

Target: ‘Leaving consumers on their shopping cart page. ’

Kennedy Blue is an Online store that specializes in bridesmaid dresses. These OptinAble exit popups have been employed to collect feedback surveys from PayPal website visitors. The popup converted up to 7% of buying cart page users with a shopping cart abandonment inclination.

Getting this feedback through the survey created for Kennedy Blue would allow these users to explain why they may have had second thoughts about making the purchase.

9. Medium’s Content-Gating Popup

Medium’s Content-Gating Popup

Goal: Increase viewer counts of the free subscription and the paid subscription.

Target: Those who visit its Website and read articles without subscribing to the service.

Currently, one of the publishers of a lot of content on the internet is Medium, and they apply a gated content model. They provide free articles for visitors to read. Others are for their members only, or fee-paying members are allowed access to such articles and information.

Another one appears above the visitor’s head when he has spent some time reading the free article in the newspaper. The layover message provides information on the free and paid subscriptions available from Medium.

10. Skates. co. UK‘s Geotargeted Popup

Goal: This will help you convince shoppers to buy holiday items by emphasizing that they will receive them quickly.

Target: Even the guests living in the countries where the fast shipping is offered

I bet you did not know that OptinAble can use geo-location options to target each client according to the location. This technology is known commonly as geotargeting, which means you can display the visitor’s pop-ups that match their interests.

Skates. co. uk is an internet-based retail shop that originated in England. With this popup, they gave all the visitors a 5% coupon, but they didn’t stop there. Using the geotargeting feature, they displayed the estimated shipping time to the country or region where visitors accessed the site.

Importance of Website Popups in Increasing Conversion Rates

When employed properly, website popups are known to boost the conversion rate like no other feature, and they can also effectively influence users’ behavior on the given website. Here are some key reasons why popups are a powerful tool in your digital marketing strategy:

1. Capturing Visitor Attention

Another benefit of popups is the facility with which such notifications grab visitors’ attention as soon as they enter the website.

In contrast to other static forms, pop-ups can attract users’ attention with messages that can be mission-critical for the website’s visitors, for example, with particular offers, sales promotions, or new valuable information.

This interruption assists in fixing the attention in the instant, thus increasing the chances of the visitor converting to the intended action.

2. Growing Your Email List

Pop-ups can effectively be used to gain new subscribers in your email lists. People will give their working email address when you give something fairly valuable – a few percent off the price of products for some time, an eBook, or access to a unique blog/website content.

Simple popups, which can instantly appear on the web page and come into sight, can greatly increase the chances of receiving more subscriptions to the email list.

3. Reducing Cart Abandonment

An exit-intent popup can be useful in minimizing cart abandonment levels, especially if designed to be highly visible.

Leaving a message such as “Don’t forget the items in your cart” or showing a popup message when a visitor is about to exit the site can make them change their mind instead of abandoning the cart altogether with a message such as ‘Get a 25% discount on your order or free shipping on your order’.

4. Offering Personalized Experience

These popups can be designed in a way that creates a different experience depending on the action intended by the user on your site.

For instance, using new visitors and those who have visited before but returned to the home page as different segments can increase engagement and conversion.

Social influence and reciprocity Hedge’s argument aims to make users feel valued so that they respond well.

5. Providing Important Information

While there are times that visitors become persuaded by the same products and services, at times they require more information to make that decision.

Among the solutions to this need that popups can offer are special messages with extra information, for example, customer reviews, product descriptions, and so on, or frequently asked questions that do not allow the visitor to switch to another page but provide the necessary information simultaneously.

This can help improve the possibility of making more sales to the visitor and thus shifting them to another level of the funnel.