Top 10 WordPress Email Plugins to Boost Your Email Marketing

You can also perform a range of tasks with efficient email plugins, such as managing the deliverability of your emails, increasing your list of email subscribers, and so on. However, choosing the right tools to help locate the best strategies for your email marketing can be rather tricky.

In the following article, we have reviewed the best WordPress email plugins – both free and paid ones – for anyone interested in boosting their e-mail marketing activity.

1. OptinAble

OptinAble WordPress Plugin

In my own opinion, OptinAble is hands down the best email marketing plugin for WordPress.

It allows building engaging and effective opt-in forms to increase conversions, including pop-ups, slide-in boxes, sticky bars, and more.

These forms are deliberately business in their layout to draw the eye of visitors and entice them to sign up for your newsletter. They can be customized to reflect your site branding and flow, giving a highly professional look.

Targeting and Segmentation appear to be one of OptinAble’s most useful features, which help users create targeted campaigns more effectively.

For instance, you can create campaigns targeting the audiences based on their behavior, particular interests, or even the page they are likely to view. Precision targeting makes it easy to increase the delivery of relevant and appealing content to the visitor, suggesting the likelihood of converting the visitors into subscribers.

For instance, through OptinAble’s Exit-Intent Technology, you can apply automatically popups if users leave the site without providing your information. This is a good convenience factor when collecting the final email sign-ups when you want to give a special offer, discount, or product.

And the best part? Getting started with OptinAble is incredibly easy since it has a drag-and-drop builder that won’t demand coding skills. In this case, designing attractive and efficient forms without great attention to information technology is possible.

It also comes with analytics and status reports to give you insights into the performance of your campaigns. It also enables the detailed tracking of conversion rates and the discovery of trends that need to be addressed or adjusted, making it possible to monitor and fine-tune strategies as needed.

The feature of A/B testing becomes very helpful in testing the effectiveness of different forms to know which produces the best results.

Lastly, when you subscribe to our email list through OptinAble, we can easily connect it to other main email marketing software such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber. This makes it easy to track leads and nurture them into subscribers.

Key Features:

  • Visual Drag-and-Drop Builder: It has functionalities that allow users to design popups, forms, or campaigns without much coding.
  • A/B Testing: Use various forms of your ads to produce the best results of your campaigns online.
  • Targeting and Segmentation: Encourage the form of the advertisements presented depending on the client’s actions, the area, etc.
  • Customizable Templates: Select an informative slide design from available options or generate a new, unique one.
  • Analytics and Insights: Track and analyze the campaigns using information such as detailed statistical measurements and conversion numbers.
  • Integration: Integrate easily with other systems such as email marketing, CRM, or others to help optimize the workflow.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Ensure the campaigns adapt well to the smaller screens of the devices and adapt to the sizes of the different screens available.
  • GDPR Compliance: Choose the software and applications that adhere to data sensitivity regulations and have compliance measures on board.

2. SeedProd


Next, SeedProd is a great landing page builder plugin for WordPress, which enables you to create landing pages and add various forms, such as email marketing forms, contact forms, etc.

It has a drag-and-drop feature for building pages, which I consider very user-friendly. All that is required is installing the plugin, filling in the necessary fields you want to create your page, and then deploying it.

It is a standalone version of your WordPress theme, making SeedProd very useful as your site grows, which is always the case with a bustling website.

For example, when designing the coming soon template, you can include a form people fill out when you are still working on your site.

You can even cherry-pick the email marketing you’re using and which services you want to connect it to.

Also, with SeedProd, you can park multiple domains on one WordPress site, yet each domain will have its own landing page. It is a great method of putting up email marketing sign-up forms for a domain name that is not active at the moment.

Key Features:

  • Engaging coming-soon pages
  • Email marketing integration
  • Customizable maintenance mode
  • User-friendly visual builder
  • Professional templates
  • Effective subscriber management
  • Social sharing boost
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Enhanced SEO elements
  • Integrated reporting technology and complimentary use of Google Analytics

Pricing: It is free of cost for basic usage, and if you want additional features, then you need to upgrade to the pro version. This Pro version starts at $79 per year or individual app pricing tiers for certain features.

3. TrustPulse


A great WordPress social proof plugin called TrustPulse can increase email signup statistics.

It shows live messages on your website about different customer activities using bold and appealing activity balloons. These pop-ups or notifications appear every time a user:

  1. Sign up for a newsletter
  2. Submit a form
  3. Purchase something
  4. Register for a demo/trial
  5. Leave a review
  6. And more!

With these notifications, your website gains credibility as soon as a new visitor comes, reinforcing the favorable opinion of an organization.

When you send these notifications using TrustPulse, you can display them based on advanced targeting rules and time-based controls. The setup takes less than 5 minutes, and with the help of additional tools, you can increase the conversion rate by 15%.

You can measure and follow up on your conversion goals to see which campaigns offer high conversions.

Finally, as mentioned above, TrustPulse integrates perfectly with all the primary email marketing tools, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and HubSpot.

Key Features:

  • Real-time customer activity notifications
  • Eye-catching alert bubbles
  • Advanced targeting rules
  • Actionable analytics
  • Easy to use
  • Seamless integration with WordPress
  • This can be perfectly integrated with different email services.

Pricing: A 14-day money-back guarantee on TrustPulse is available for any customer who wants to avail of the application. Pricing starts at $5/month.

4. WPForms


This is the simplest and best plugin for creating contact forms in wordpress, WPForms. As it implies, this program employs the drag-and-drop technique to design eye-catching forms on your site, making it easier to capture users’ details for purposes such as emails.

WPForms enables automatic forwarding of the data obtained from the subscriber to your email marketing system. Establishing several forms and setting up any unique email messages you need is also easy.

Furthermore, the accessible version of WPForms, known as WPForms Lite, has an added feature that allows you to include more than one recipient in your forms. Both forms can be configured to dictate user’s email addresses and add them to your contact list.

Introducing another great add-on of this plugin: Form Abandonment.

The Form Abandonment add-on alerts you even if the form is left halfway or unsubmitted. This can be useful when trying to regain lost leads or capture a large amount of survey data where perhaps only part was completed.

This partial information makes nurturing leads easier since one can use follow-up emails for abandoned carts to get high conversion rates.

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • 100+ pre-built templates
  • Instant email notifications
  • It would be straightforward to trace all the entries that are made.
  • Conditional logic feature
  • Multi-page forms
  • Spam protection
  • Mobile-friendly
  • PayPal and Stripe Integration

Pricing: WPForms Lite is a free form builder plugin, and with the Lite version, you can only set up one form notification. The Basic plan is offered to customers for $39 onwards. 50 for the first year, then stresses the importance of adhering to this rule strictly for better outcomes.

5. WP Mail SMTP


WP Mail SMTP is the best email plugin for WordPress that is widely used by everyone. It is simply a tool that will help in delivering emails from your webpage in the right manner.

WordPress can generate email notifications that may go into a spam folder or not reach an inbox, affecting your site.

This WP Mail SMTP corrects it by linking your WordPress site to a dependable email administration such as Gmail, Brevo (previously Sendinblue), or SMTP.

It replaces the default WordPress (WP) Mail function and compels the site to use the SMTP settings. Adding authentication to the emails is the key that makes the WP Mail SMTP an efficient solution for improving your site’s outgoing email deliverability.

In this regard, emails sent are more or planned to find their way into the recipients’ spam folders first.

Installing the plugin using the usual procedure is easy and straightforward, even though one does not have technical knowledge or expertise. You also get the ability to control WP notifications And manage WordPress notifications. Indeed, you can customize the WordPress admin email and even override the “From email” settings for another plugin.

Key Features:

  • Integration is possible with contact forms and eCommerce.
  • User-friendly setup within WordPress
  • A dedicated SMTP server must ensure the sender and recipient details are accurate and the message is delivered to the right people at the right time.
  • Higher speed of the messages’ delivery to the inboxes
  • Allows for using different methods for authentication of users, which is done by the SMTP.
  • It supports SMTP details such as the name of the SMTP server host, port number, and type of encryption for sending e-mail messages.
  • From Gmail, Outlook, and any other common email client.
  • Handling the occurrence of errors for identification and notification for repair.
  • (Sender reputation): The action is liable for bounced emails.
  • Electronic mail: sends both HTML and plain text.
  • Logs also mailed emails for surveillance.
  • Provides support and documentation

Pricing: WP Mail SMTP also has a Free version that lets WP users utilize the most popular service providers, including Gmail, Brevo (previously dubbed as Sendinblue), and SMTP. This one has all the additional features and costs $99 for a year of use with a one-time purchase.

6. Brevo


Brevo is a perfect WordPress-based company that helps efficiently manage your email accounts and communication flow.

Creating easy subscription forms, pop-ups, and other elements like embedded elements of email capture is convenient. This can assist you in getting the e-mail IDs of the visitors and, therefore, help you rapidly create your list of subscribers.

It also allows for automated email sequences integral to sales techniques in the modern business world. They help users send welcome e-mails and drip messages, including just a few automated e-mail sorts involving subscribers.

Further, it offers comprehensive reporting tools to enable users to monitor the success of prepared emails; whether opened, clicked, or opened and clicked.

It also has to support different email services, and it also provides the possibility to use list segmentation, A/B testing, and tools for GDPR. This allows users to employ proper email standards while implementing their marketing strategies.

Key Features:

  • With templates and email personalization, carried out through the use of email communications as a campaign tool
  • Automated marketing workflows
  • Mobile Engagement or text messaging marketing
  • Example: contain information about the orders made by the client and various other transactional emails.
  • Direct-to-passenger segmentation for specific messages
  • Contact list management
  • Result of effectiveness for email communication and performance information.
  • Integration of CRM for improving customer information.
  • Dynamic content personalization
  • Developer-friendly APIs and tools
  • High deliverability and compliance
  • Responsive email design

Pricing: Brevo can be downloaded and tested for free. It is a cloud-based software; therefore, the user doesn’t need to install it. The professionals and business solutions start from $15/month.

7. Mailchimp


Recorded as the leading email marketing plugin with a dedicated plugin for its use, Mailchimp integrates harmoniously with WordPress.

It allows users to perform essential activities like managing email campaigns, lists of subscribers, and proper communication from the WP admin panel.

For your convenience, the website allows you to build subscription forms you want to place within the website for visitors to subscribe to emails. This plugin aims to simplify importing or synchronizing new subscribers to your Mailchimp list to ensure proper lead data.

For added convenience, Mailchimp enables you to plan your campaigns and when your messages should be sent to your targets, preferably during reasonable times. In addition, its analytics enable tracking fundamental performance aspects such as open rates and click-through rates, among others, involving subscribers. This little feature goes a long way in helping you analyze the success rates of the various campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Mobile-optimized sign-up forms
  • There are additional options available.
  • Some of the nice features include form and email plugin integration.
  • Weekly, basic, small campaign reports full of detailed information and insight.
  • It will also provide notification of the new subscriber sign-up as a result of automation.

Pricing: You can start using Mailchimp for free; an extensive list of features comes with the free package. The bigger plans have slightly different pricing: the basic extends from $6 to $12. 50/year.

8. HubSpot


The HubSpot plugin for the WordPress site is fully free, and you will not need additional services like Mailchimp. It also aids you in getting people’s email addresses and even sends out email campaigns within WordPress.

For instance, to increase the number of subscribers to your e-mail list, HubSpot offers an editor that allows using forms and popups with no programming codes necessary. Adding live chat and chatbots lets you get the email addresses you need when consulting them.

In addition, HubSpot has its own customer relationship manager (CRM), where the company can monitor all or specific leads.

Thus, if you have some contacts, it is possible to categorize them and, using individual letters or an automated mailing feature, send out messages to them.

To add more, the content is fully customizable, and the overall appearance of the email can be enhanced using pre-written templates and drag-and-drop features. As for the emails sent, it is also possible to track the performance and use A/B tests to compare the differences in the results.

Key Features:

  • Integrate HubSpot with WordPress in a way that doesn’t disrupt the existing website
  • Capture and manage leads
  • While working on your site, watch the actions of the user.
  • Create targeted email campaigns
  • Set up nurturing workflows
  • Tailor content for users
  • Use the reports that track performance
  • Users’ WordPress data will automatically synchronize with the HubSpot CRM when the plugin is installed and activated.
  • Rank leads by engagement
  • For instance, your company can capture the following learning objectives during an automated chat with the visitors:
  • Automate tasks for efficiency
  • Engage in the use of a content marketing strategy to differentiate the content.

Pricing: It is possible to sign up for free when getting started with HubSpot services. Freemium and basic paid plans are available free of cost, while the others range from as low as $45 per month.

9. MailPoet


MailPoet is an email automation feature that enables people to publish newsletters within a WordPress site.

It also has a full, rich drag-and-drop functionality for creating newsletters and a functional subscribers’ management interface.

It is also compatible with WooCommerce, and the option to add products to the e-mail is clear. Automating other functionalities on the platform allows people to easily send notifications to the subscribers on the latest activities, such as the new blog post or the news feed.

Key Features:

  • Simplified list management
  • It supports the use of and integration with third-party email solutions, whether conducted manually or through an autoresponder system.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • Exclusive integration for WooCommerce

Pricing: MailPoet is an application you can use for free when you want to start using. The basic plan starts at a slightly higher price of $15 per month, considered a premium.

10. The Newsletter Plugin

The Newsletter Plugin

The newsletter plugin allows you to generate and deliver newsletters within your WordPress platform without using other exterior services. With this tool, you can add subscribers to lists, generate opt-in forms, and build and send out campaigns.

Premium subscriptions allow limitless subscribers, use statistics, and unlimited newsletters with Track. It also offers subscription spam checks, including domain/IP blacklist & archive, and locked content add-on capabilities.

A variety of professional bonus features becomes available from obtaining a paid subscription. This will also enable integration with WooCommerce, Amazon SES, and Contact Form 7.

Besides, you can broaden the list of subscribers, divide them by geographical location, and track the effectiveness of newsletter links using Google Analytics data.

Key Features:

  • Design Email and transmit the same
  • Manage subscribers and segments
  • Establish drip campaigns are prearranged and computerized
  • Access responsive email templates
  • Track analytics and engagement
  • Integrate with CMS platforms
  • Personalize content for subscribers
  • As for the final stage, A/B testing will be applied to optimize the result.
  • Ensure compliance and security
  • Customize, advertise, and explore other features like RSS-to-email and auto-responders
  • Support and resources should be provided to the stakeholders, and the latest resources should also be disseminated.

Pricing: In fact, the basic version of The Newsletter Plugin is available for free. While the free plan has limited features, more tariffs are available, starting from $69 per year.

Key Features to Look for in Email Plugins

Some of the features one should consider when selecting the email plugins to add are as follows. This has popularized many email plugins that are available today with distinct characteristics and advantages.

Here are some key features to look for when choosing an email plugin:

  • Compatibility: Verify that the email client you use, and the operating system on your computer are suitable for the plugin so that it integrates seamlessly.
  • User-Friendly Interface: According to Industrial Rationalization, simplified and ease-of-understanding methods can enhance efficiency and lessen the time for training.
  • Security: Make sure there are security options like encrypting your messages, banning spam, and protecting from viruses, adware, and spyware.
  • Customization Options: Depending on the functionality of the email system, it is possible to modify templates, signatures, and others that would be of service to the brand or persons while preserving an overall alignment.
  • Automation Capabilities: It offers such possibilities as autoresponding, setting up convenient time schedules, and follow-up reminders, which may help save time.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Various plugins offer details of email engagement, for example, the open rate and the click-through rate, which can assist in identifying whether the particular email tactics are suitable or need some improvements.
  • Support and Updates: Concerning the updates, it is essential to note that it depends on the plugin’s creators and their capacity to ensure that it is both functional and secure; customer support plays a critical role in meeting these needs since the software may have some flaws that require desperate fixes.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Integration with CRMs or any other tool/ service that will be used is also another advantage because it reduces time spent in copying or entering data from the plugin.

Benefits of using Email plugins for Email Marketing Campaigns

Email plugins are programs that can be installed on your email marketing system to help you in particular processes or improve your campaigns. Some have abundant options and navigation capabilities to enhance email advertising significantly

Now, let’s take a closer look at the process and discover what advantages e-mail plugins can bring to your e-mail marketing ventures.

1. Time-saving

The next major advantage email plugins offer is that they can use all the time you may otherwise spend on various activities.

To add to the simplicity of use, these tools have features for auto-sending emails or follow-ups to the subscribers. This relieves you from the stress of giving attention to other important aspects of your business.

2. Personalization

This is because, in email marketing, you target people you want to do business with, and personalizing their encounter with your business leads to their patronage.

It makes it easy to customize emails, such as the recipient’s name, location, and any other information you wish to include. It also helps to enhance the opened email prospect, making the emails you send interesting and more effective.

3. Segmentation

Most of us have heard about email segmentation before. It involves categorizing the list of email recipients based on some characteristics, including demographics, behavior, or interests.

Since the people you are sending emails to are grouped, you are in a position to send them very personalized and relevant messages, thus raising your chances of conversion. This makes it easier because email plugins have this as a feature of segmenting the list for you, and you can create a new segment with your own criteria.

4. A/B Testing

A/B testing is a technique whereby two emails (or any other marketing content) are prepared and then outlined to determine which performs better. This means you enhance your emails and try to obtain maximum results from your correspondents within a definite period.

Email plugins also include A/B options that allow you to test other aspects of your campaign, such as the subjects, contents, and buttons you wish to lure users.

5. Data Analysis and Reporting

The email plugin adds more details, such as data and analytics about the campaign’s results, to the email. The main variables you can monitor include opens, click-through rates, conversion rates, and many others.

These are some of the beneficial insights that can be gathered from this information, with more emphasis on how future campaigns can be enhanced.

6. Integration with Other Tools

The last advantage that email plugins have is compatibility with other integrated tools and other related platforms.

This may include customer relationship management systems, social media, e-business, and electronic commerce solutions. Incorporating all these instruments can help you optimize your marketing communications and design a holistic flow for the target market.