30+ Best Signup Form Examples to Boost Conversions – 2024

Selecting the right signup form is vital to achieving the marketing objectives that have been set. Not only does your offer have to appeal to your targeted audience, but the signup form you will use must also be as simple and good-looking as this one.

But how do you know the signup form that would be ideal for your website?

Because this is such an in-depth guide with so many signup form examples, we’ve broken the signup forms into the following categories:

What is a Signup Form?

This option lets visitors fill in their details on a signup form to join your marketing list. Initially, the signup form can be a web page, popup, or modal page.

Many always contain common fields like the signup form that may contain a name, email address, and phone number. Signup forms enable e-commerce marketers to collect leads that can be utilized in marketing in the future.

Lightbox popups are among the most effective calls to action that can help attract visitors’ attention, collect subscribers, or share a beautiful ad message.

Here are some samples of the OptinAble’s lightbox signup forms of the website:

1. OptinAble Lightbox

OptinAble lightbox popup campaign is an effective solution for those who care about the number of conversations and user attention. The selected pre-designed themes and remote customization features make creating a perfect lightbox popup easy.

OptinAble Lightbox

2. Shockbyte

Shockbyte is another company that had great results with a lightbox popup signup form:

Shockbyte Popup

They employed a lead magnet and a coupon code to entice people to subscribe. Then, they included the Exit-Intent Technology that would help capture those abandoning the site.

Below is a signup form example: This air signup page converts at a record 13. 73%.

3. Shotkit

Shotkit is an online marketplace for photos that began to develop discount offers and pop-up subscriptions to the newsletter on its website. This newsletter signup example was the second part of a Yes/No campaign:

Shotkit Popup

The messaging was effectively used with the target audience and had a 5% conversion factor. 77%.

4. Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging used a Yes/No signup form, meaning that only ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ were available options. It helps increase conversion rates significantly more than if the information were asked for immediately. Instead, it poses a non-intimidating “yes or no” question:

Cosmetic Packaging Popup

After any of the two options are selected, and in this instance, the user opts for the Yes button, the signup form is displayed.

Transitioning their audience from Facebook to this campaign specifically helped them gain 2,985 email subscribers compared to 396.

5. Adam Enfroy

Bob Miller is a popular travel blogger. In 2019, he extended his mailing list to more than 11,000 recipients. In the current period, he is earning more than $80k per month through his blog. And it all started with a simple signup form:

Adam Enfroy Popup

6. Christopher Place

Christopher Place is a luxurious B&B with meals and a wedding facility in the Smokey Mountains. They started putting a sign-up form that users can click on with an arrow pointing at it. This meant the signup form only appeared when a user clicked the link:

Christopher Place Popup

This results in higher conversion since individuals who click to view the campaign are immensely interested in the products or services being marketed.

This signup form used is rather effective, generating 5. 9% of the site’s traffic.

7. Crossrope

Their firm is called Crossrope, and the mentioned workout is based on a simple piece of equipment – a jump rope. They started using signup forms to boost newsletter subscribers with campaigns like this:

Crossrope Popup

Crossrope’s email list grew by 900% due to delivering a valuable promotional offer.

They also recovered 13. About 71% of visitors left the site, and 7% of users intentionally chose to be led astray away from their objective. 65% of abandoned carts.

8. BrianTracey

Brian Tracey is an American motivational speaker and sales success expert. He employs signup forms that will help him sign more people in his list of subscribers. Here’s an example of a signup form he uses:

BrianTracey Popup

This campaign converts 6. Two-thirds of the visitors who see it and two percent of those who do not.

9. Woodside Communities

The company, Woodside Communities, has three real estate businesses. They employed another form whereby they collected data about prospect leads interested in buying the product but unwilling to purchase immediately. Here is the signup form example they used:

Woodside Communities Popup

Moreover, the effort they put into their studies yielded a positive result. The readers are persuaded to take action in this campaign at a rate of 3. 57%.

By identifying several of the leads they obtained, I discovered one of the leads brought a new client and produced over $295,000. I said that I wouldn’t mind having a signup form that looks like that, which brings me such a great ROI.

10. Downtown Orlando

The overall aim of Downtown Orlando is to offer an increased engagement in the community and nightlife of the town for more people. However, when seeking to engage people more, then they must ensure they keep updating them. They do so with a newsletter signup example like this:

Downtown Orlando Popup

This campaign converts by 2. 27%, but he provides them with several dozen new, highly-targeted prospects monthly.

To send a message to your visitors, you can place a sticky bar at the top or the bottom of the screen, and the great design of the sticky bar will attract visitors’ attention. 

The key highlight for your important information, announcement, promotion, and unique call-to-action prompt, using the OptinAble sticky bars campaign, is very simple. 

Here are a few more signup forms and examples of some websites that use the sticky bar popups of OptinAble.

11. Crush Empire

The website offers students helpful tips and information on applying to and ” crushing” the CPA exam. They used a sticky bar 2-step sign-up form:

Crush Empire Popup

If potential students click the Get Discount button, they provide their name and e-mail to get the coupon.

12. Brand Glow Up

Brand Glow Up (formerly known as TwelveSkip) used a sticky bar to collect new leads:

Brand Glow Up Popup

This is a real signup form example of how they lead them with a lead magnet to engage their target market. It also includes a ‘late night’ themed CTA button with the text ‘Gimme Now’ to maintain the brand’s tone.

13. AutoAnything

While it might be tough to spot which part of the web design corresponds to the signup form example, the result is amazingly impressive. AutoAnything made a sticky bar for their website:

AutoAnything Popup

This is an appropriate signup form example. It is one of the feeblest compared to the others, even on their own site but was voracious.

14. Kennedy Blue

An improved example of using the sticky bar signup form is Kennedy Blue. They also used a countdown timer to build urgency:

Kennedy Blue Popup

When one clicks to redeem the coupon, a space is provided to put one’s name and email.

15. WPForms

WPForms is trusted by millions of users and businesses worldwide as the number one choice in form builders. WordPress users can create great-looking forms with intricate functionality that does not take minutes to build. They use a sticky bar on their pricing page to boost sales:

WPForms Popup

You can use sticky bars using the coupon format shown above. Additionally, you can provide your signup form after the customers click the campaign CTA button.

Once you have emailed the individual, you can then forward them the coupon code for them to use for the offer.

Embed Campaign Signup Form Examples

Note the following to get the particularities of OptinAble’s embed campaign to work for you and ensure a rewarding drive. Its existing process with the website content within the integration offers an improved user experience.

Here is a list of websites with Embed forms that can be used with OptinAble as a signup form example.

16. Shawnee Mission Post

Shawnee Mission Post: It’s a local newsgroup company with a website, a blog, and an online newspaper company. They use this Embed campaign email signup to get more subscribers:

Shawnee Mission Post Popup

Instead of linking to a page that contains this signup form example, they are more likely to catch the readers’ attention by putting it on their content page.

17. Advisor Coach

Advisor Coach can be described as a private consultancy owned by James Pollard. He uses this Embed campaign to get new leads:

Advisor Coach

Yes, it has been very good, and the people have embraced it very much.

18. Lilach Bullock

Lilach Bullock is a businesswoman and candidate for public office. The expert assists various entities, including companies and businesses of various scales, enhance their internet marketing. Here’s the Embed signup form she uses:

Lilach Bullock Popup

What’s even more important is that she worked with repetitive language and applied it to all the signup forms across her site.

She helps convert 57% of new website visitors while meeting over 1000 new subscribers monthly.

19. Blog Tyrant

Blog Tyrant is aimed at helping solopreneurs and businesses establish effective blog sites. One of the techniques they use is with an Embed campaign like the signup form example below:

Blog Tyrant Popup

Once more, if they place it right in their blog posts, they ensure the readers will not miss the niche to which they can subscribe.

20. Whole Whale

Whole Whale uses the Embed campaign for their signup form, only that it gets slightly higher. They give some of their content away for free, but they use a content locker to hide exclusive content for members:

Whole Whale Popup

This is great for re-purposing your content and getting more subscribers for your newsletter.

The strategy was so effective that Whole Whale / doubled the number of people subscribing via email; conversions across the board rose 62%.

Slide-in Box Signup Form Examples

Slide-in Box is a less intrusive method of growing your conversion rate than popup, which means you can get more clients and sell more of your products.

Following is the list of signup forms for websites using OptinAble’s slide-in box.

21. Libratone

Libratone placed their signup form in a simple slide-in box to offer it to a customer. Here’s what this looked like:

Libratone Popup

This campaign and similar campaigns managed to increase signups by 400%. From that campaign and others alike, they increased signup by 400 percent.

22. HubSpot

As you may have guessed from the name HubSpot is a site focused on helping online marketers. They added a slide-in signup form and used their free eBook as a lead magnet:

HubSpot Popup

There is a button labeled ‘Download Now’ by which users can register their email addresses for the guide to be sent to them free of charge.

They place this on top-of-the-fold pages of their blog, pages, and other website sections where the lead magnet is something their target audience would be interested in.

This kind of specifics can make using the slide-in signup forms possible.

23. Lost for Travel

Lost for Travel At Lost for Travel, the story is fixed on a female traveler who can assist needy communities. Her slide-in signup form example looks like this:

Lost for Travel

For instance, it is useful if you are a small business or an entrepreneur wanting to increase newsletter subscriptions.

24. StockSnap

This website is an image-sharing site for which the main theme is stock photos, and where the images can be downloaded for free by the users. They use a slide-in signup form to send photos to members:

StockSnap Popup

This can be a great tool to manage the leads and people visiting the website regularly.

How to Create a Signup Form with OptinAble

Due to this, it is crucial that you design an outstanding signup form if you hope to obtain more subscribers and communicate with your audience effectively. OptinAble is a WordPress plugin that helps designers and managers build stunning and effective signup forms without requiring programming skills.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Step 1: Install and Activate the OptinAble Plugin

OptinAble Donwload and Install
  • Download OptinAble: Go to the Optimizer Pro Plugin website and download it.
  • Install the Plugin: Login to your WordPress site, traverse to Plugins > Add plugins, and install the OptinAble WordPress plugin.
  • Activate the Plugin: After purchasing this plugin, you must follow these steps: When copying the plugin to your WordPress site, you must first click the ‘Activate’ button.

Step 2: Create a New Campaign

Create a New Campaign
  • Access OptinAble: First, you need to go to your WordPress dashboard, locate the’ OptinAble’ button on the left and click on it.
  • Add New Campaign: Select ‘New Form’ to proceed to the creation of a new signup form; next to it is the ‘Add New’ button.

Step 3: Choose a Template

OptinAble’s Choose a Template
  • Select a Template: To begin with, OptinAble comes with numerous pre-built templates that have been professionally developed. There is a way to pick one appropriate for your brand and your campaign.
  • Customize the Template: You can make changes using the drag-and-drop method on the central part of the template. You can type the form header, add images with the instructions, and any other visuals that may be needed.

Step 4: Configure Display Settings

Configure Display Settings
  • Set Triggers: It enables you to set triggers — exit intent, time delay, scroll percentage — to specifically dictate when the signup form will be visible on the website.
  • Target Specific Pages: Select where on the site you’d like the form to appear, including certain page types, individual posts, and all site pages.

Step 5: Integrate with Your Email Marketing Service

Integrate with Your Email Marketing Service
  • Connect Your Email Service: It has native connection compatibility with the best email marketing applications such as Mailchimp, AWeber, and others. Link your account so additional followers can be appended to your mailing list.
  • Set Up Notifications: Make it easy to set up email notifications to be sent to you for new users’ preferences or new sign-ups on the site.

Step 6: Publish Your Signup Form

  • Preview Your Form: The final step is to preview your form closely to ensure everything is in its proper place.
  • Publish the Campaign: After you are done, click ‘Publish’ to activate your signup form on your website.

Step 7: Monitor and Optimize

  • Analyze Performance: The steps included in the analysis are to Utilize the analytics tool that OptinAble has provided to evaluate the performance of the signup form. Monitor other quantities characteristic for performance, such as the conversion rate and the overall number of sign-ups. 
  • A/B Testing: Some more templates or settings can be used for A/B testing to determine which settings are optimum for the audience. 

 If you adhere to these steps, you can design a clean and effective OptinAble signup form to assist you in assembling a solid list of your subscribers and then contacting them. For more details and guidelines about the functions of OptinAble, click on the documentation link.