Top 10 Welcome Messages for Websites to Improve UX and Conversions – 2024

Do you have any idea of making it easier to increase your business’s conversion and sales rate? The welcome message for the website is an efficient means, to attract the attention of the web visitors, tell them something interesting, and give the reason for staying on the website.

The best welcome message of the website might be considered the one that forms the first positive perception. It improves usability (UX), sets the first brand communication, and often offers a welcoming CTA (Call-to-Action).

An inspiring welcome message for a website can be vital for converting customers from newcomers to loyal customers.

In the following part of the article, I will come up with 10 welcome messages that various websites could use. In the same regard, you will also be able to discover how to write welcome messages that capture the audience through website popups.

What Is a Welcome Message for a Website?

A welcome message for a website can be defined as a popup or notification on a website that a person encounters as soon as they open the website’s homepage.

These messages are useful for the initial introduction of clients and can be a first step to ‘warm up’ the further discourse. They assist in determining what your brand speaks out and how you create the first impression to the users.

They are not as simple as the “welcome to my page statement” but can be used to provide information to the customers, for instance, on the availability of special offers or other events.

Well, as far as website management goes, that information can be incorporated into the site easily without redesigning the website’s front page.

Now, let me explain the peculiarities of using welcome messages on the website.

This tutorial will explore 10 types of welcome message examples by goal. To make it easier for you to accomplish business goals through well-written welcome messages, here are some examples for your reference.

Types of Welcome Message Examples

In this post, as promised, I present welcome messages you crafted using OptinAble.

Why does one need to develop and install OptinAble, particularly welcome messages? Because of the features of our service, you will have all the necessary tools to greet your visitors with appropriate messages. Our popup formats include:

Here you will watch all the above-mentioned types of pop-ups below, therefore, the idea of applying the pop-up for the welcome messages will be very comprehensible to you.

Besides this, check out our vast collection of ready-made welcome message templates or create them using a simple drag-and-drop feature to create compelling welcome messages in no time. This specific procedure can be used to create a pop-up campaign in a few minutes as illustrated below…

And of course, you can believe in several of them without having typed a single code line. This means that the examples needed for the web page can easily be gotten even by small businesses or people participating in businesses for the first time.

1. Build Your Email List

One of these is the application of a welcome pop-up that can prompt web users and make them subscribe to their emails.

A popup is frequently used to capture the users’ attention since it is an effective way of getting the users’ attention. Welcome message popup: visitors will be invited to subscribe after seeing a popup message as soon as they enter your site.

But that’s where the overall equation converges; you have to get those subscribers to want to SUBSCRIBE. Here are 2 ways to attract new signups:

A lead magnet is a gift or advertising content a website owner provides in exchange for an email address.

Examples of effective lead magnets include:

  • Coupon or discount codes
  • Free courses or webinars
  • One-time access content includes such items as a free ebook/PDF guide
  • This could be in the form of an exclusive weekly newsletter that a restaurant sends to its clients regularly.

In essence, crafting a good welcome message that goes hand in hand with your lead magnet ensures that your audience appreciates their worth.

Here’s an example of a lightbox popup that promotes an email newsletter:

welcome lightbox popup

apply a lead magnet to your offer to make it even more attractive to the visitors.

This simple and straightforward popup brings a welcoming message to anyone visiting the site and assures the e-mail subscribers that they will receive useful tips to boost the leads. It also specifies that the tips in the newsletter are unique and real. This special information has to be received by visitors who subscribe to the official website’s email newsletter.

Ideas such as running a gamified campaign will entice people to sign up.

A gamified campaign is a specific type of a given campaign where the nature of the actions of the participants resembles a game. When they enter their email address, they get the chance to win a prize:

gamified campaign lightbox popup

OptinAble allows for a quick setup of any gamified campaign and chooses specific prizes and the frequency in which these can be won.

As that pic shows, always, you never run out of winners!

THE GAMES CAMPAIGN can be identified as an easy-to-build solution for the fast growth of the number of such buttons, which can be used to increase the number of subscribers in the e-mail list.

2. Showcase a Sale

If you are in charge of an online store, your users will most likely visit it to look at your goods. And hopefully, make a purchase!

It simply means that to keep them active long enough on your site, you need to welcome them with a sale. This will compel them to browse through your store and leverage the offer in the best possible way.

If you’re thinking of a big sale, then something that would be attention-grabbing would be ideal.

Showcase a Sale Lightbox Popup

Another less aggressive variation than a full pop-up is a floating bar campaign if that is what you would like.

Showcase a Sale Floating Bar Campaign

A Floating bar or a hello bar is a bar that fixes itself at the top of the web pages and remains visible to the user when scrolling. The above example produces a message informing users of a coupon event. Static and floating bars ensure that your offer is always visible to the users as he or she peruses your page.

3. Business Update or Alert

Of course, your company may experience some shifts that will impact the users somehow. If that’s the case, the welcome message should make a point of telling them so.

These changes could include:

  • New store hours
  • Weather closings
  • New locations
  • Notification messages about the product’s absence

Or any other information that a visitor to your website must know.

For this type of alert, a standard floating bar campaign is the best option:

Business Update or Alert Popup

Some elements of a floating bar inform users of important changes. However, it will not take over the entire screen or interrupt their browsing.

However, it is possible to make a small but significant statement at the top of this host. If desired, add a button that opens a separate page with the information if it does not fit on the current page.

4. Welcome Back Returning Users

However, one of the most effective methods for retaining users is to tailor the content. That can be achieved by adding a welcome message for the second-time users of the application.

A slide-in scroll box is a great choice for returning users:

Welcome Back Returning Users

In the slide-in campaign example above, the text on the website reads pleasantly, as if inviting a friend. Setting this tone with someone who has visited your website before is excellent.

If your welcome message to the first-time users was in the form of a message, was it a coupon? For added value, presenting an even better offer to the returning users who did not grab the first ‘welcome’ bonus is helpful.

It is always possible to add to welcome-back messages, which allows adding to the initial offer and further developing a relationship with potential customers and subscribers.

5. Verify User’s Age

If your online store and particular provides goods for adults, you can create a welcome message to check the age of your customers.

Most of the states will consider this obligatory.

Verify User’s Age Popup

Fortunately, you can build a fullscreen welcome gate that requires users to verify their age before accessing your site:

6. Increase Webinar Registrations

Webinars are among the most effective methods and tools for working within the sales funnel framework. Their effectiveness, ability to establish you as an authority within your niche, and how ideal they are for use as lead gen magnets seal this conclusion.

Webinars are quite flexible as a marketing medium and can be used at every stage of the customer journey to guide the users toward a sale.

Another thing you can do is to create a popup for your users, which would inform them about your webinar. For this, you have 2 options:

  • Design an online membership registration form and subsequently send an email reminder.
  • Create a Yes/No popup to link a campaign that will take the viewers to a specific landing page.

Both options are simple. With OptinAbe, you can choose 1 of our templates to create an optin form for your webinar:

Increase Webinar Registrations

If a person shares their email address with you, you can send them a reminder with additional information about the upcoming webinar. Also, you have a new lead with which to work, hooray!

Alternatively, you can use a Yes/No popup to redirect users to a landing page:

yes no popup for your webinar

When using a link labeled “Register Now,” they will be taken to a page where they can register themselves.

Yes/No campaigns can effectively promote your product as they will not run away from your users. A common intrusive question people ask when they want their target’s contact information is asking for it in the first message.

7. Announce Free Shipping

Everyone loves freebies; hence, offering customers free shipping will encourage them to buy more of your products. Besides, customers are likely to leave their cart as they have to when they realize that additional charges are included in the final price estimate.

Such an imprudent cost is shipping, which is often overlooked by many businesses.

Looking for ways to cut the rate of customers leaving their carts and boosting revenue? Use a floating bar campaign to let people know how to get free shipping:

Announce Free Shipping sticky bar popup

If people initially come to your site, it is quite good to greet them like this. It took me many years in one store to finally realize that the price I see is the price I will have to pay if I want more of the stuff despite the many additional items I am adding to the cart!

8. Grow Podcast Listeners

A podcast tells stories; if you have one, you must make people know you exist. One of the best times to do that is when a visitor reaches your site.

This is appropriate for new listeners you want to attract from your site visitors. That would look something like this:

Grow Podcast Listeners

Anyway, when you start your podcast, do not forget to send a welcome message to your listeners. It is more important to keep advertising your podcast through your site.

9. Get More App Downloads

Some firms develop applications to make people always familiar with their brand. It is useful to create apps since people will always use the products offered by the company that developed the app by providing incentives usually in the form of rewards.

Downloading people for an app: Now you just need people to download your app!

Like our last tip, we recommend using a floating bar:

Get More App Downloads

Perhaps the most effective means of (transforming website visitors into app downloaders) is informing the visitors. Floating bars are another great stimulus to attract your user’s attention though they can be invasive to your website’s experience.

This creates sufficient incentive among your app’s user base to download it while ensuring that all the tricks are not a menace to any ordinary visitor to your site.

10. Boost Social Media Followers

Though the specific figures are inarguably debatable, the pool of first-time visitors’ loyalty tends to be disappointingly low, with over 90% of these users never coming back to your site again. Well said; it is so sad that traffic does not yield maximum results.

If you can engage people on various forms of social media, you will likely have more people come back to your site repeatedly. Or, more specifically, have them associate themselves with your brand.

OptinAble has a template specifically designed to get you more social followers on:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • X (formerly Twitter)

You can provide buttons to follow you as a welcome message:

Boost Social Media Followers

In that way, if they are to go elsewhere you will still be able to target them through that social network.

Why Are Welcome Messages for Website Important?

Besides, welcoming prospects and guests, welcome messages for a website have tangible, real kind gains stated and estimated.

Examples of welcome messages can thus help drive up conversion for specific objectives. Welcome messages are one of the best strategies you can use to:

  • Visits on certain or targeted pages
  • Grow your email list
  • Make more sales
  • Get more social media followers

You can capture email addresses or offer a coupon code in the welcoming e-mail. You can also use your welcome message to ‘lead’ the users to areas you want them to be in by providing links to the blog post, the product page, etc. Employing this strategy effectively will increase the number of conversions across your site.

Convert More Website Visitors With Welcome Messages

And that’s it! Here are 10 types of welcome message examples for your consideration as they can enhance the user experience, increase traffic across your site, enhance email subscriptions, and ultimately increase sales.

In these examples, you have seen how simple it is to create welcome messages for any goal using OptinAble.

If you receive visitors to your web page, you may also want to engage them when exiting it. Exit-Intent popups are a proven tool to recover lost visitors and cart recovery.

For instance, Crossrope, a fitness company, gained an email list of over 900% using exit-intent popups.