5+ Best Email Subscription Popup Plugins for WordPress

Adding subscribers to your list becomes quite challenging since internet users are constantly targeted by promotional messages and offers daily.

Yet, it must be pointed out that this form of marketing can effectively become one of your company’s most lucrative resources.

However, the great news is that once you are equipped with suitable instruments, it becomes more accessible and easier to accumulate the list.

That is why, in this article, the post you are currently reading, we will tell you about 5+ of the best email subscription popup plugins for WordPress.

Features WordPress Email Subscription Plugins should have

Those interested in WordPress email subscription can find hundreds of plugins, all of which have different capabilities. Neophyte does not get an opportunity to settle down before he finds himself overwhelmed by the plethora of options and options that can be utterly confusing. That is why it is necessary to delve deep into all applications’ potential features and capabilities.

  1. Customization tools that help you build practically any form.
  2. Accessibility so visitors can find the information they need on any platform, be it a mobile phone or a computer screen.
  3. Chen itself takes a heap of time via drag-and-drop performance.
  4. Shortcode option so that it could be sited anywhere wanted
  5. Despite the limited focus on list building, there are features for segmenting subscribers.
  6. Additional modules to monitor and examine the level of attentiveness of your subscribers
  7. Literally about different ready-to-use themes and concepts for future applications.
  8. Advancements in technology and payment facilities

In addition to the features considered, paying attention to support is necessary because getting caught while constructing email subscription forms is rather simple. So, knowing what features to look for, it’s high time we got to business, the list, that is!

Email Subscription Popup Plugins for WordPress

The following tools aim to make your lead generation process as EASY as possible. That’s why, for this list, we chose plugins that are:

  • It is powerful, and you will need all the features they are endowed with.
  • Versatile and fits well within the other extensions of your website.
  • Cheap means that when you aim to solve one problem, such as lead generation, you do not create another problem.

Considering those factors, let’s use the first email subscription popup plugin.

1. OptinAble

OptinAble WordPress Plugin

Another premium plugin for the WordPress platform is more accurately known as the OptinAble plugin tool, which can assist the user in getting more email subscribers quickly.

That’s because this tool lets you create various “optin campaigns. ” This term refers to things you’re likely already familiar with, such as:

In this way, you allow yourself to have more choices in your campaign selections, which can contribute to the establishment of a more specific approach to constructing a lead generation system.

There’s virtually no tool more straightforward to work with, but when it comes to creating a standard email subscription popup.

Part of that is thanks to OptinAble’s 50+ templates:


All these templates will assist you in cutting down on time, effort, and, most importantly, the hitches you would experience while developing the campaign.

Furthermore, it can be stated that some of the customers of OptinAble prefer leaving these templates in the uploaded form without introducing any changes.

However, if you want to change your campaign, you can do so because there are buttons to add new elements and remove the least beneficial ones.

OptinAble has a codeless drag-and-drop visual builder that gives you complete control over the look, style, and message of your campaign:

drag and drop builder

This makes it easy to add new functions to your popup, such as:

Therefore, for any of the above text, it is as simple as using OptinAble’s inline editor to make those changes. This lets you highlight the text you want to change and make those edits directly in the builder itself:

Highlight the text

Thus, if you aim to be Defenceless with fast and professional email subscription popups that stand out, OptinAble has it.

Remember, the popup’s construction is completed now, but this is just halfway through its creation.

Following that, you have to display your offerings to the proper prospects on the right channels at the correct times when they are engaged with your brand or about to make a buying decision.

2. PushEngage


You might have encountered PushEngage as the market leader in outbound messaging tools.

You will also likely ask, “What is this tool good for on the email subscription popup programs list?”

But let me explain why we have included this as one of our best tools.

Recall our previous discussion that sometimes it is challenging to increase the number of people subscribed to your emails. One of the reasons is the combination of 2 factors:

  • While some users will be in a hurry to fill in the necessary details in the first instance possible when they visit your site, others are not ready to do so.
  • These first-time visitors who make up most of your traffic will unlikely return.

This means you’re leaving LOTS of leads on the table every day, meaning there are tons of potential customers interested in what you do, but you’re not capturing them.

That is where a tool such as ‘PushEngage’ could come in handy with ‘push notifications.’

Push notifications are notifications sent directly to the user’s browser interface and appear on the screen even when the user is not visiting your site.

Additionally, the hyperlinks can be included in these messages, and the users can be redirected to other posts or website pages with high conversion rates.

But here’s the real advantage: first, push notifications are not limited to providing clients with personal contact details to receive the messages.

The primary purpose of the notification is also easy to understand – when a person arrives at your site, they only have to click one button to enable these notifications.

Hence, the subscription rates for the push notifications are much higher than those for the traditional email pop-ups.

That means you can achieve a faster growth rate for your push notification subscribers list or the people to whom you can advertise an email signup landing page.

Or you can take subscribers directly to pages that generally receive a commission and a high level of email signup naturally.

In either case, I can tell you that PushEngage can be a good remedy for unblocking your lead generation and will significantly assist in expanding the number of subscribers to your email list.

Here are some of the things we KNOW you’ll love about PushEngage:

  • As with many other software programs, installation is done without programming or computer knowledge.
  • Create an automated “drip” series.
  • Management can also classify their list into discrete sub-groups (or “segments”).
  • Analyze information about the user to customize comments
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Use/Coupon/Calendar – Schedule event campaigns for future use
  • And much more…

3. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

Based on my comparison of various list-building WordPress plugins, Thrive Leads has all the features and options you would desire in a WordPress email popup tool.

It assists you in optimizing your popups, as well as effectively implementing them on your site. You also benefit from Slide’s elaborate targeting rules to ensure you make offers to customer segments of your preference.

From there, Thrive Leads will assist you through the steps of campaign testing to get as good results as possible.

You will be relieved that none of the leads will be left behind due to these highly effective analytics and reporting features.

Thrive Leads can be bought individually for 97 dollars or as a part of the Thrive Suite plugin bundle, which includes 9 different business plugins for WordPress.

Key Features

  • The tool’s interface and the popup builder itself are straightforward.
  • Fast installation
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics dashboard
  • And more…

4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

There are a lot of selections of email providers; however, Constant Contact is amongst the best electronic mail service providers. To be more precise, it helps to classify all the e-mail lists and conduct targeted campaigns with those subscribers who really would like to receive certain information.

However, most people are unaware that Constant Contact can be availed as a plugin that also assists in capturing leads.

With this tool, you can create signup forms of your own that include pop-up forms, inline campaigns, landing pages, and others.

Then you can target those campaigns across your website to get better results that will convert the users.

Many of these work in a way that allows you to consolidate all your email marketing tools, from subscription rights to email broadcasting.

The only thing we must note here is that, compared to other Popup builders & plugins, you will be somewhat restricted regarding the type of popups you can create. You will also have the drawback of having fewer targeting rules compared to if you opt for another tool like OptinAble.

This is because, once again, Constant Contact remains an ESP at its core, according to the classification used in the analyzed framework.

However, for those who are starting their email marketing campaigns and are already subscribed to Constant Contact, this is the perfect plan to start with.

Key Features

  • Spiffy – The fact that it has an easy-to-use popup builder is the reason it is such a good tool.
  • Timing and display rules
  • Installation is easy, as is usual with most plugins.
  • Audience segmentation
  • Reliable analytics
  • And more…

5. Bloom


Popup maker to create an email popup designed for WordPress and developed by Elegant Themes.

This tool supports you in expanding your email list and capturing your traffic as your leads.

Bloom gives you 6 different types of optin forms to create:

  • Lightbox popups
  • Slide-in (or “fly-in”) popups
  • Inline campaigns
  • After content campaigns
  • Gadget space formation (such as a bar at the end of the screen).
  • Gated content

It also enables you to create smaller, highly targeted audiences on some aspects of how people interact with your website.

That means you can only make offers for specific product parts or, in other words, segments of people. After that, you can decide who among the targets you want to display these offers to (and where) for greater conversion rates.

Last but not least, Bloom also supports many third-party marketing platforms you likely use. That places Bloom as beneficial to any marketing process that is already underway in the current market.

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • It works very well for me when I use it with the Divi theme.
  • Multiple campaign types
  • Advanced targeting rules
  • Flexible integrations
  • And much more…

First and foremost, it is worth mentioning that Bloom does not have as many campaign types or targeting rules as…well, OptinAble, but when it comes to people who work with products from Elegant Themes, Bloom is a great pick.

Nevertheless, it can be a great email subscription plugin for newly established businesses and for marketers who are in the process of establishing their lead-generation tools.

6. Sumo


Sumo is a free popup-building plugin for WordPress that is proposed for users starting their WordPress journey. It also has a short setup time, making it an ideal mount for those new to photography.

While it is true that it is a free plugin, they offer a paid version to cater to the creative needs of the advanced user.

The interface for initiating campaigns is easy and straightforward, with Sumo providing users with a selection of campaign options to begin with. They offer many templates so you can launch the pop-ups on your site WITHIN NO TIME.

Also, there will be targeting rules allowing you to make your offers visible to the necessary segments of the defined audience.

After that, the sheer strength of the analytics panel can help fine-tune everything for better conversions.

The downside to this plugin is the fact that the company can find it difficult to expand due to some of its complexities.

But yes, there’s a free version of that app as well. The basic plan started with $16/month but would grow to $39/month if billed annually.

While that price point isn’t an issue, those are the only 2 options: Carol was helpless to find him all or nothing.

This is vital to grasp when contrasting popup software since it implies that to use some of these features, you might require features the free version lacks OR pay for specific features you will not need to use.

Key Features

  • Quick to install – it only requires a minute to install it.
  • Multiple campaign types
  • As with PPC ads, there are additional targeting rules that can be applied
  • The tool is a popup builder that can be easily used with little effort to learn its main features.
  • And much more…

Which is the best WordPress Email Subscription plugin?

So, based on the analysis, there is no perfect WordPress email subscription plugin out there; it’s all about what is best for your project and your pocket. Of course, we think OptinAble is the best plugin for most users – this is why we created it!

But suppose you already use an email marketing service and like its features. In that case, you don’t really have to look any further because OptinAble offers a complete solution for WordPress email marketing.

However, you may only need a plugin to generate conversion-friendly Pop-ups for opt-in forms to establish more e-mail subscribers.