How to Add Email Optins to WordPress in Under 5 Minutes

Email marketing is perhaps one of the oldest and most reliable methods of getting your messages across to your target consumers and boosting the sales of your online store.

However, expanding the pool of people subscribed to your newsletter can sometimes be problematic, and this is if, for instance, you are just starting. To compel visitors [of your website] into doing something, you’ll need effective and impressive opt-in forms.

That is why in this tutorial that you are going to follow today, being one of the most informative and easy to follow that you can find on the internet, we are going to explain step by step how to add an email opt-in to WordPress in under 5 minutes.

To make sure we’re on the same page, let’s make sure you know what exactly is understood by “email optin”. ”

What Is an Email Optin Campaign?

An “Email opt-in” can be described as the type of form or campaign that has been created to capture the audience’s email address.

It could be accompanied by a lead magnet or some kind of offer, perhaps a discount of some sort. All of these are more incentives for traffic visiting your site to agree to be part of your mailing list.

Now and then, you will find a whole lot of email optin campaigns being run by various companies and organizations.

They can be a static form on a page or post brought to the WordPress site. Or they can be dynamic campaigns that are presented as:

Here’s an example of the email optin popup campaign we’ll build for today’s tutorial:

While the use of dynamic email optin forms is generally recommended, there are some significant benefits you stand to gain.

This is because as an advertiser you get to call shots of these campaigns to discern when, where and to whom they are marketed.

This level of targeting experiment can significantly increase conversions and assist you in growing your list rapidly.

Well, that’s it for today folks, now you know how to easily add email optins on WordPress.

The method will show you all that is necessary to get static and dynamic optin forms, which will give the maximum conversion rate for your website.

How to Add Email Optins to WordPress

In today’s tutorial, we’ll build the email optin form with OptinAble:

OptinAble WordPress Plugin

OptinAble is the most simple and free Lead Generation WordPress plugin which allows you to include e-mail opt-ins to your site.

This tool will enable you to have full control of your optin campaigns on your site by offering features such as popups, sticky bars, and inline campaigns among others.

Think of being able to remove the unnecessarily boring signup forms that can be placed on your blog or webpage.

This would appear as a slide-in box or a lightbox that pops up for all your site visitors on designated pages of the website.

But then also imagine being able to give a selected list of visitors some offers even if they have not actively interact with your brand.

This enables you to showcase your offers or lead magnets to the prospect where it is applicable, when it is relevant, and where he/she is during the buying cycle.

The best thing of all is that your prior technical experience is quietly dismissed as having no relevance. What that ultimately means is anyone from any company, medium, small, or large can pull off these stunning campaigns in 15 minutes.

Now that’s open, let’s proceed with the tutorial.

Step 1) Install & Activate the Plugin

First and foremost, you will have to install and activate the OptinAble plugin that works with WP.

First of all, you will need to obtain and install the OptinAble plugin, compatible with WP.

From your WordPress admin menu, go to Plugins » Add New:

Now, look for OptinAble in the list of plugins in the WordPress. org website. When you’ve found it, click Install Now:

Add new Plugin OptinAble

When the plugin has successfully installed, click Activate:

Active OptinAble Plugin

Finally, your plugin shall be set to fit into the market.

If you need more help, we recommend this in-depth guide: In this tutorial, the independent variable is as defined by the optinable team while the dependent variable is WordPress.

From there, you’ll be ready to build your first email opt-in campaign or move on to the next level of Internet Marketing automation, which is to create lead magnets and squeeze pages.

Step 2) Choose Your Campaign Type & Template

However, if you did not get there via the setup wizard, then you can obtain OptinAble » Campaigns from the WordPress admin sidebar.

Then you can click Add New to create an opt-in campaign:

Add OptinAble Campaign

Then there are campaign options; selected according to the kind or form of marketing strategy you want.

OptinAble gives you several options, including:

  • Lightbox Popup
  • Sticky bar
  • Slide-in box
  • Embed
  • And more….

For today’s tutorial, we’ll select a Popup campaign:


These are aimed at enabling you to cut long hours, efforts, and hassles down within the course of the campaign creation.

All the websites are also mobile-friendly, and the layouts are fully responsive.

Moreover, the majority of OptinAble customers do not bend the software in any way close to its extremes, yet they are receiving such an extraordinary service. However, they choose a template, that contains their offer, and the wholesale is just about to be dispatched.

Then you are ready to let it rock and roll and design your email optin for WordPress.

Step 3) Design Your Campaign

By this time, you will have only identified the campaign type and the template to be used and named your campaign.

Now I guess you may wish to revise the model further and adjust the tone to be more specific to YOUR audience.

Fortunately, to travel to another state or country, the process cannot be much easier than this.

OptinAble employs a codless drag-and-drop simple and intuitive visual constructor. That means that such modifications do not involve anything as profound as coding or technical skills at all.

For instance, in case the text you wish to change is located in the email optin box, you make those changes with the inline editor.

Simply click on the text you want to modify, and you can make the changes directly on the template:

OptinAble editor text modify

This is because almost all the properties that one is allowed to alter in an HTML webpage are found here such as the font, the font family, font size, and color among others.

If you want to change some of these elements, it would be possible for you to select them on your builder. That will pull up the editing tools on the left-hand side:

OptinAble Image Editing Tools

However, this external eBook optin link might not offer you the flexibility you desire when it comes to lead generation.

For example, you might want to add things like:

  • Video demos of your products or service
  • Icons to grab a user’s attention
  • High-quality images
  • Custom HTML
  • And much more…

    You can do this from the toolbar above your editing page using the ‘+ Add Blocks’ button.

    Then select the feature you want to add and drop it into place:


    And similarly, you can create distinctive email optin forms for your WordPress site.

    If you wished to build an optin form that simply hovers on your posts or the page if you are reading this post and then you wanted to make this form visible to everyone, then you wouldn’t need the following step.

    However, if we’re crafting a dynamic optin campaign to acquire EVEN MORE conversions, we shall also have to identify what provokes the appearance of this application.

    Step 4) Configure Your Targeting Rules

    Like any other marketing campaign, it’s not enough to have a basic optin campaign in place. The other half is ensuring that it comes across the right users and consumers, or in other words, the target audience.

    That is where OptinAble’s sophisticated targeting rules are useful to incorporate only the most important ones.

    • Exit-Intent® Technology: On average people spend a few seconds on a website that doesn’t make them stay – convert abandoning visitors.
    • OnSite Retargeting: Interest has to be maintained and visitors should be shown new offers if they are repeat website users.

    Once again, these are only a few of the many targeting rules that OptinAble has implemented, not to mention all the rest.

    To do this, go to the Display Rules tab at the work area’s top.

    • The time on the page is 5 Seconds
    • Base URL is any current URL path

    Today, it’s going to be an exit-intent popup instead.

    This is a good approach to ‘harvest’ people who abandon a website without making a purchase. Since users are actively leaving your website, their interaction will prompt an exit pop-up with the email optin form.

    Step 5) Integrate Your ESP

    The leads that subscribe to your mailing list through the email optin form have to go somewhere. An image of a website with an email subscription box.

    OptinAble also stores your list with OptinAble which is by default an integration option that saves data.

    What you are probably using is an email service provider (ESP), sometimes referred to as an email marketing service provider, and these include Constant Contact, Brevo (previously known as Sendinblue), HubSpot, and Drip among others.

    Otherwise, if you wish to integrate your OptinAble with ESP, then you need to synchronize OptinAble with it.

    Go to the Integrations tab located at the top of your editor below the Workspace heading.

    Then click + Add New Integration:

    OptinAble Integration

    Now your email optin form will help you to get the new leads to your ESP.

    The final steps that you will need to perform are saving your campaign and running it by publishing it.

    Step 6) Publish Your Campaign

    First, click on the Publish tab which is at the top of your editor.

    And when you are ready, change your campaign’s status from Draft to Publish:

    You may also want to verify the status of your WordPress menu. To do this, you can always go to OptinAble » Campaigns in your WordPress admin menu.

    Now you can see what status your email optin form has and switch it into Publish:

    OptinAble Draft to Published

    So now you know exactly how to add email optins to WordPress.