How to Create a Bottom Right Corner Popup in WordPress

Popups are still considered one of the most effective tools needed for expanding the e-mail list and sending messages to the target audience. However, a conventional lightbox popup is not ideal for a website because it can cause a negative UX impact if it is poorly positioned (or executed) on your site.

On the bright side, there isn’t one form of popups. Hence, there is a quality variety out there, which I am about to tell you. This is why we will show you how to add the bottom right corner popup in WordPress today.

These campaigns are called “slide-in scrolls boxes,” and they are beneficial for increasing conversion rates. Also, all the operations can be completed within several minutes, all without any coding foundation.

How to Create a Slide-in Scroll Box

The best way to create a high-converting slide-in campaign (appearing on the bottom right-hand corner of your site) is by using OptinAble:

OptinAble WordPress Plugin

OptinAble is a free WordPress plugin, and it is the best option for creating slide-in scroll box campaigns.

This is because this plugin has a package of more than 50 templates, which means that you are not required to start from the basics. Moreover, without writing a single line of code, the drag-and-drop editor allows you to create slick and appealing campaigns in a few minutes, even if you have no coding experience.

That means you can make stunning slide-in boxes like this:

Slide in form popup

This is among the numerous stations that Kennedy Blue employed to reach a record-breaking sale of over 50%.

One of the significant ways through which you can explain the success of OptinAble’s campaign is definitely its sophisticated rules regarding the display of the popup in certain areas and at certain times on the website.

In fact, this tool helps you to trigger slide-in boxes based on the following:

  • Audience behavior
  • Demographics
  • Engagement with your site
  • And more…

We shall delve into the targeting rules at a later time, but it suffices to say that they exist.

At the very least, understand that OptinAble provides MORE options for actually transforming your site’s traffic into leads than any other solution on the market.

Now, we will begin using OptinAble to make scroll boxes appear on the side of the page.

Step 1) Install OptinAble

The first step that is most important for you is the integration of the OptinAble plugin into your WordPress.

From the WordPress repository, you can then install the OptinAble plugin just like any other plugin in your WP blog.

WordPress users go to the Plugins section by clicking Plugins » Add New at the top of the WordPress admin menu.

Then, search for OptinAble in the repository.

To do this, select the “Install” link and then “Publishing repository,” as shown below. When you’ve found OptinAble, click Install Now:

Add new Plugin OptinAble

When the plugin has been installed, click Activate:

Active OptinAble Plugin

You can then use the setup wizard to integrate your WordPress site with OptinAble to promote the opt-in forms.

It would be interesting to know that once OptinAble is fully incorporated, you can immediately start working on your campaign.

Step 2: Create Your First Campaign 

If you use the setup wizard, you will be prepared as soon as you make your first one.

You’ll be able to choose from the following campaign types:

In a more general sense, for today’s tutorial, we would like to have a popup that shows in the lower-right corner of the WordPress site.

That means we’ll select a Slide-in campaign:

Select Slide in Popup Campaign

After that, to continue setting your campaign up, you’ll need to choose the template for your campaign.

OptinAble has over 50+ templates you can choose from that look and function great out of the box:

Select Slide in Popup Campaign

These are templates that you can redesign so as to take up much of your time while creating the campaigns.

Also, you will have a preview of the campaign that might suit your brand most suitable or as close to it as possible. From there, as you can see, alterations can be made in a split second, or as we say in America, in the blink of an eye.

This is quite basic – it is the perfect place to start if it is your first time engaging in the OptinAble strategy.

Now, you’ll need to give your campaign a name and click Save & Design Your Campaign:

Add Slide in Popup Campaign Name

Then, your campaign will pop up in the builder selections of OptinAble.

Step 3) Design Your Campaign

As we have emphasized, OptinAble features a drag-and-drop builder, and this reduces the option of you having to code.

However, with social media campaigns, every aspect of it can be altered within the shortest time possible, usually with a few clicks on the computer.

For instance, if you wish to alter the headline or the subheading text, you don’t have to type the code but select the text to be edited.

After that, you may use MS Word to insert new text straight into the parts of your template, which uses the OptinAble editor. Plus, you’ll be able to control things like:

  • Font
  • Font size
  • Color
  • Styling (bold, underlined, or italics)
  • Line height
  • And much more…
Design Your Slide in Campaign

They let you reach your exact intended audience with perfectly crafted messaging that they deem fit.

If you want to modify any other feature of your slide-in scroll box popup, you can do so by selecting them in your editor.

This will bring up the editing tools on the web left side if you wish to put the final touches to those changes.

However, if you needed a specific color for your CTA button, you would do it this way. All you’d need to do is click the button in your editor to have the tools appear in the left-hand side menu:

Slide in Popup CTA button Example

The OptinAble plugin completely follows the design and style of the campaign that you wish to create.

You can add custom features like:

  • Buttons
  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • HTML
  • Icons
  • Dividers
  • And more…

These features are ready in Bloks and assembled neatly into your chosen template as they fit right into each other.

It means you wouldn’t need designer experience to make gorgeous campaigns in a snap.

To make these additions, click on + Add Blocks in the top portion of the OptinAble editor you are working with.

Then select the block you want and drop it into place:

Add Blocks Drag and Drop

It makes all the sense and gives you all that you need in order to create the most desirable campaign for your WordPress site.

This popup will be placed in the bottom right corner when inserted into WordPress, and it means that people will not interrupt their browsing.

In other words, you now have a relatively passive ‘popup’ which can be directed to your desired audience.

While on that topic, let’s move to our next step: defining the general parameters of reaching out to your desired audience for your campaign.

Step 4) Determining Your Campaign’s Triggers

By targeting the right audience, promoting it on the correct channels, and getting it in front of the audience at the right moments in consumers’ journeys, one of the most significant drivers of better conversion rates of your campaigns is achieved.

For that, you will have to decide when, where, and in front of whom your slide-in scroll box popup will be presented.

In the right corner of your OptinAble editor section, hover your cursor over the OptinAble headline and click Display Rules.

You’ll now see that 2 rules are in place by default:

  • The time on the page is 5 seconds
  • Currently, the URL path is any page
OptinAble Display Rules

Some of the OptinAble users have stuck with default rules, as several of them have considered these to be good starting points.

Then, a little later, they will also experiment with how often they send out the trigger notifications to the devices and try to find the best option.

However, to the best of your knowledge, you are to understand that one or both of these rules may be easily altered at any time. Moreover, you have TONS of other possibilities that allow you to build the path for users through the application according to your preferences and their needs.

When you click on either of these rules, a menu will appear where you can scroll through the different targeting options:

What you’d probably do with those rules is explore them further to find out which rules are working best to target your audience.

One of the most popular rules, however, is Page Targeting:

OptinAble Page Targeting

This is already set as your second default rule: current URL path from the URL bar of any web browser.

This comes in handy when your offer or lead magnet is relevant to the content your visitors are reading on the particular page.

This level of personalization can never fail to give you better conversions in the shortest time possible.

In this manner, any new leads that are captured within the bottom right-hand corner popup will be in the right place.

Step 5) Integration

OptinAble supports 30+ popular email services in the market where you are using email services for your business.

And the most pleasing thing is that you can configure almost everything to your liking within a couple of clicks.

Navigate to the Integrations bar right above the OptinAble’s editor, where you can find the button.

Then click + Add New Integration:

OptinAble Integration

Step 6: Promote Your Campaign

To make your OptinAble live, navigate to the Publish tab at the top of your OptinAble editor.

Last, you should go back to the campaign list from your WordPress dashboard section, as mentioned in the above steps.

You can do that by going to the WordPress admin sidebar and clicking on OptinAble » Campaigns.

This is just confirming that on the back end of your site, the status of your post has been changed from Draft to Published.

Draft to Published

And that’s it! This is it: You were able to create a bottom right corner popup for WordPress that is tailored for YOUR audience.